College Algebra, 5th Edition

College Algebra, 5th Edition ebook download

Learn to think mathematically and develop genuine problem-solving skills with Stewart, Redlin, and Watson's COLLEGE ALGEBRA, Fifth Edition. This straightforward and easy-to-use algebra book will help you learn the fundamentals of algebra in a variety of practical ways. The book features new tools to help you succeed, such as learning objectives before each section to prepare you for what you're about to learn, and a list of formulas and key concepts after each section that help reinforce what...

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Precalculus, 7th Edition

Precalculus, 7th Edition ebook download

The Barnett, Ziegler, Byleen, and Sobecki College Algebra series is designed to be user friendly and to maximize student comprehension by emphasizing computational skills, ideas, and problem solving as opposed to mathematical theory. Suitable for either one or two semester college algebra with trigonometry or precalculus courses, Precalculus introduces a unit circle approach to trigonometry and includes a chapter on limits to provide students with a solid foundation for calculus concepts. The...

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Beginning Algebra: Connecting Concepts Through Applications

Beginning Algebra: Connecting Concepts Through Applications ebook download

Beginning Algebra: Connecting Concepts Through Applications shows students how to apply traditional mathematical skills in real-world contexts. The emphasis on skill building and applications engages students as they master algebraic concepts, problem solving, and communication skills. Students learn how to solve problems generated from realistic applications, instead of learning techniques without conceptual understanding. The authors have developed several key ideas to make concepts real and...

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Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus, 6th Edition

Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus, 6th Edition ebook download

This best selling author team explains concepts simply and clearly, without glossing over difficult points. Problem solving and mathematical modeling are introduced early and reinforced throughout, providing students with a solid foundation in the principles of mathematical thinking. Comprehensive and evenly paced, the book provides complete coverage of the function concept, and integrates a significant amount of graphing calculator material to help students develop insight into mathematical...

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A Short Course in Computational Science and Engineering

A Short Course in Computational Science and Engineering ebook download

Building on his highly successful textbook on C++, David Yevick provides a concise yet comprehensive one-stop course in three key programming languages, C++, Java and Octave (a freeware alternative to MATLAB). Employing only public-domain software, this book presents a unique overview of numerical and programming techniques, including object-oriented programming, elementary and advanced topics in numerical analysis, physical system modelling, scientific graphics, software engineering and...

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Measurement Uncertainty and Probability

Measurement Uncertainty and Probability ebook download

A measurement result is incomplete without a statement of its 'uncertainty' or 'margin of error'. But what does this statement actually tell us? By examining the practical meaning of probability, this book discusses what is meant by a '95 percent interval of measurement uncertainty', and how such an interval can be calculated. The book argues that the concept of an unknown 'target value' is essential if probability is to be used as a tool for evaluating measurement uncertainty. It uses...

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Stochastic Calculus and Differential Equations for Physics and Finance

Stochastic Calculus and Differential Equations for Physics and Finance ebook download

Stochastic calculus provides a powerful description of a specific class of stochastic processes in physics and finance. However, many econophysicists struggle to understand it. This book presents the subject simply and systematically, giving graduate students and practitioners a better understanding and enabling them to apply the methods in practice. The book develops Ito calculus and Fokker-Planck equations as parallel approaches to stochastic processes, using those methods in a unified way....

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Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 4th Edition

Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 4th Edition ebook download

Renowned professor and author Gilbert Strang demonstrates that linear algebra is a fascinating subject by showing both its beauty and value. While the mathematics is there, the effort is not all concentrated on proofs. Strang's emphasis is on understanding. He explains concepts, rather than deduces. This book is written in an informal and personal style and teaches real mathematics. The gears change in Chapter 2 as students reach the introduction of vector spaces. Throughout the book, the...

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Stochastic Processes: Theory for Applications

Stochastic Processes: Theory for Applications ebook download

This definitive textbook provides a solid introduction to discrete and continuous stochastic processes, tackling a complex field in a way that instils a deep understanding of the relevant mathematical principles, and develops an intuitive grasp of the way these principles can be applied to modelling real-world systems. It includes a careful review of elementary probability and detailed coverage of Poisson, Gaussian and Markov processes with richly varied queuing applications. The theory and...

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Precalculus: A Graphing Approach, 5th Edition

Precalculus: A Graphing Approach, 5th Edition ebook download

Part of the market-leading Graphing Approach series by Larson, Hostetler, and Edwards, Precalculus: A Graphing Approach, 5th Edition, is an ideal student and instructor resource for courses that require the use of a graphing calculator. The quality and quantity of the exercises, combined with interesting applications and innovative resources, make teaching easier and help students succeed. Continuing the series' emphasis on student support, the Fifth Edition introduces Prerequisite Skills...

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Calculus, 7th Edition

Calculus, 7th Edition ebook download

Success in your calculus course starts here! James Stewart's Calculus texts are worldwide best-sellers for a reason: they are clear, accurate, and filled with relevant, real-world examples. With Calculus (Seventh Edition), Stewart conveys not only the utility of calculus to help you develop technical competence, but also gives you an appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of the subject. His patient examples and built-in learning aids will help you build your mathematical confidence and achieve...

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Radiation Biology of Medical Imaging

Radiation Biology of Medical Imaging ebook download

This book provides a thorough yet concise introduction to quantitative radiobiology and radiation physics, particularly the practical and medical application. Beginning with a discussion of the basic science of radiobiology, the book explains the fast processes that initiate damage in irradiated tissue and the kinetic patterns in which such damage is expressed at the cellular level. The final section is presented in a highly practical handbook style and offers application-based discussions in...

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Algebra and Trigonometry Enhanced with Graphing Utilities, 6th Edition

Algebra and Trigonometry Enhanced with Graphing Utilities, 6th Edition ebook download

Michael Sullivan’s time-tested approach focuses students on the fundamental skills they need for the course: preparing for class, practicing with homework, and reviewing the concepts. The Enhanced with Graphing Utilities Serieshas evolved to meet today’s course needs by integrating the usage of graphing calculator, active-learning, and technology in new ways to help students be successful in their course, as well as in their future endeavors.Table of ContentsChapter 1 Graphs,...

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Mathematics of Probability

Mathematics of Probability ebook download

This book covers the basics of modern probability theory. It begins with probability theory on finite and countable sample spaces and then passes from there to a concise course on measure theory, which is followed by some initial applications to probability theory, including independence and conditional expectations. The second half of the book deals with Gaussian random variables, with Markov chains, with a few continuous parameter processes, including Brownian motion, and, finally, with...

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Current Developments in Algebraic Geometry

Current Developments in Algebraic Geometry ebook download

Algebraic geometry is one of the most diverse fields of research in mathematics. It has had an incredible evolution over the past century, with new subfields constantly branching off and spectacular progress in certain directions, and at the same time, with many fundamental unsolved problems still to be tackled. In the spring of 2009 the first main workshop of the MSRI algebraic geometry program served as an introductory panorama of current progress in the field, addressed to both beginners and...

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Differential Geometry for Physicists and Mathematicians

Differential Geometry for Physicists and Mathematicians ebook download

This is a book that the author wishes had been available to him when he was student. It reflects his interest in knowing (like expert mathematicians) the most relevant mathematics for theoretical physics, but in the style of physicists. This means that one is not facing the study of a collection of definitions, remarks, theorems, corollaries, lemmas, etc. but a narrative — almost like a story being told — that does not impede sophistication and deep results. It covers differential geometry far...

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Discrete Mathematics with Ducks

Discrete Mathematics with Ducks ebook download

Containing exercises and materials that engage students at all levels, Discrete Mathematics with Ducks presents a gentle introduction for students who find the proofs and abstractions of mathematics challenging. This classroom-tested text uses discrete mathematics as the context for introducing proofwriting. Facilitating effective and active learning, each chapter contains a mixture of discovery activities, expository text, in-class exercises, and homework problems.Elementary exercises at the...

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A First Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications, 10th Edition

A First Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications, 10th Edition ebook download

A FIRST COURSE IN DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS WITH MODELING APPLICATIONS, 10th Edition strikes a balance between the analytical, qualitative, and quantitative approaches to the study of differential equations. This proven and accessible book speaks to beginning engineering and math students through a wealth of pedagogical aids, including an abundance of examples, explanations, "Remarks" boxes, definitions, and group projects. Written in a straightforward, readable, and helpful style, the book...

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Calculus With Analytic Geometry, 2nd Edition

Calculus With Analytic Geometry, 2nd Edition ebook download

Written by acclaimed author and mathematician George Simmons, this revision is designed for the calculus course offered in two and four year colleges and universities. It takes an intuitive approach to calculus and focuses on the application of methods to real-world problems. Throughout the text, calculus is treated as a problem solving science of immense capability.Table of ContentsChapter 1. Numbers, Functions, And Graphs
Chapter 2. The Derivative of A Function
Chapter 3. The...

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The Science of Forensic Entomology

The Science of Forensic Entomology ebook download

The Science of Forensic Entomology builds a foundation of biological and entomological knowledge that equips the student to be able to understand and resolve questions concerning the presence of specific insects at a crime scene, in which the answers require deductive reasoning, seasoned observation, reconstruction and experimentation—features required of all disciplines that have hypothesis testing at its core.  Each chapter addresses topics that delve into the underlying biological principles...

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Physical Chemistry, 2nd Edition

Physical Chemistry, 2nd Edition ebook download

With its easy-to-read approach and focus on core topics, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, 2e provides a concise, yet thorough examination of calculus-based physical chemistry. The Second Edition, designed as a learning tool for students who want to learn physical chemistry in a functional and relevant way, follows a traditional organization and now features an increased focus on thermochemistry, as well as new problems, new two-column examples, and a dynamic new four-color design. Written by a dedicated...

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Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis, 6th International Edition

Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis, 6th International Edition ebook download

This market leader offers a readable introduction to the statistical analysis of multivariate observations. Gives readers the knowledge necessary to make proper interpretations and select appropriate techniques for analyzing multivariate data. Starts with a formulation of the population models, delineates the corresponding sample results, and liberally illustrates everything with examples.  Offers an abundance of examples and exercises based on real data.  Appropriate for experimental...

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Multivariate Data Analysis, 7th International Edition

Multivariate Data Analysis, 7th International Edition ebook download

Multivariate data analysis is a central tool whenever several variables need to be considered at the same time. The present book explains a powerful and versatile way to analyse data tables, suitable also for researchers without formal training in statistics.
The analysis of multivariate data requires the extension of standard univariate statistical models and methods but also introduces new problems. Initial attention is given to Data Mining techniques such as summarising and displaying...

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Introduction to Abstract Algebra, 4th Edition

Introduction to Abstract Algebra, 4th Edition ebook download

". . . an expository masterpiece of the highest didactic value that has gained additional attractivity through the various improvements . . ."—Zentralblatt MATH The Fourth Edition of Introduction to Abstract Algebra continues to provide an accessible approach to the basic structures of abstract algebra: groups, rings, and fields. The book's unique presentation helps readers advance to abstract theory by presenting concrete examples of induction, number theory, integers modulo n, and...

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Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management, 2nd Edition

Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management, 2nd Edition ebook download

Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management, 2nd Edition is a practical guide to modern financial risk management for both practitioners and academics. Now in its second edition with more topics, more sample problems and more real world examples, this popular guide to financial risk management introduces readers to practical quantitative techniques for analyzing and managing financial risk. In a concise and easy-to-read style, each chapter introduces a different topic in...

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An Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis, 2nd Edition

An Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis, 2nd Edition ebook download

Praise for the First Edition ". . . outstandingly appealing with regard to its style, contents, considerations of requirements of practice, choice of examples, and exercises."—Zentralblatt MATH ". . . carefully structured with many detailed worked examples."—The Mathematical Gazette The Second Edition of the highly regarded An Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis provides a fully revised guide to numerical approximation. The book continues to be accessible and expertly guides readers...

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The Logic Book, 6th Edition

The Logic Book, 6th Edition ebook download

The Logic Book, 6th Edition is a leading text for symbolic logic courses that presents all concepts and techniques with clear, comprehensive explanations. There is a wealth of carefully constructed examples throughout the text, and its flexible organization places materials within largely self-contained chapters that allow instructors the freedom to cover the topics they want, in the order they choose.Table of ContentsChapter 1 Introduction To Deductive Logic
Chapter 2 Syntax And...

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Combinatorial Reasoning: An Introduction to the Art of Counting

Combinatorial Reasoning: An Introduction to the Art of Counting ebook download

Written by well-known scholars in the field, this book introduces combinatorics alongside modern techniques, showcases the interdisciplinary aspects of the topic, and illustrates how to problem solve with a multitude of exercises throughout. The authors' approach is very reader-friendly and avoids the "scholarly tone" found in many books on this topic. Combinatorial Reasoning: An Introduction to the Art of Counting:Focuses on enumeration and combinatorial thinking as a way to develop a variety...

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Measure, Probability, and Mathematical Finance

Measure, Probability, and Mathematical Finance ebook download

An introduction to the mathematical theory and financial models developed and used on Wall Street Providing both a theoretical and practical approach to the underlying mathematical theory behind financial models, Measure, Probability, and Mathematical Finance: A Problem-Oriented Approach presents important concepts and results in measure theory, probability theory, stochastic processes, and stochastic calculus. Measure theory is indispensable to the rigorous development of probability theory...

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Mathematical Techniques in GIS, 2nd Edition

Mathematical Techniques in GIS, 2nd Edition ebook download

Explaining the fundamentals that support the manipulation and display of geographic information, this book focuses on basic mathematical techniques and reviews the characteristics of geographic information. The new edition contains end-of-chapter summaries, thorough revisions to every chapter, expanded information on computer graphics and spatial analysis, and an expanded section on vectors. It gives GIS professionals the tools they need to advise others of the integrity of results, the quality...

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Markov Chains: Analytic and Monte Carlo Computations

Markov Chains: Analytic and Monte Carlo Computations ebook download

Markov Chains: Analytic and Monte Carlo Computations introduces the main notions related to Markov chains and provides explanations on how to characterize, simulate, and recognize them. Starting with basic notions, this book leads progressively to advanced and recent topics in the field, allowing the reader to master the main aspects of the classical theory. This book also features:Numerous exercises with solutions as well as extended case studies.A detailed and rigorous presentation of Markov...

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Elements of Random Walk and Diffusion Processes

Elements of Random Walk and Diffusion Processes ebook download

Presents an important and unique introduction to random walk theory Random walk is a stochastic process that has proven to be a useful model in understanding discrete-state discrete-time processes across a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines. Elements of Random Walk and Diffusion Processes provides an interdisciplinary approach by including numerous practical examples and exercises with real-world applications in operations research, economics, engineering, and physics. Featuring an...

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Mastering the World of Psychology, 5th Edition

Mastering the World of Psychology, 5th Edition ebook download

Mastering the World of Psychology, 5th Edition, provides students with more support than ever before, thanks to the Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review Learning Method, or SQ3R, which is integrated throughout the text. SQ3R shows students the relationship between psychological theory and learning. It is the strongest and most comprehensive program for measuring progress and attaining successful outcomes in Introductory Psychology. MyPsychLab is an integral part of the Wood/Wood/Boyd...

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Intermediate Algebra, 11th Edition

Intermediate Algebra, 11th Edition ebook download

The Bittinger Worktext Series changed the face of developmental education with the introduction of objective-based worktexts that presented math one concept at a time. This approach allowed readers to understand the rationale behind each concept before practicing the associated skills and then moving on to the next topic. With this revision, Marv Bittinger continues to focus on building success through conceptual understanding, while also supporting readers with quality applications, exercises,...

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Engineering Design, 5th Edition

Engineering Design, 5th Edition ebook download

Dieter's Engineering Design represents a major update of this classic textbook for senior design courses. As in previous editions, Engineering Design provides a broader overview of topics than most design texts and contains much more prescriptive guidance on how to carry out design. Dieter focuses on material selection as well as how to implement the design process. Engineering Design provides the senior mechanical engineering students with a realistic understanding of the design process. It is...

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Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing

Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing ebook download

A novel presentation of rank and permutation tests, with accessible guidance to applications in Nonparametric testing problems are frequently encountered in many scientific disciplines, such as engineering, medicine and the social sciences. This book summarizes traditional rank techniques and more recent developments in permutation testing as robust tools for dealing with complex data with low sample size. Key Features:Examines the most widely used methodologies of nonparametric...

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Automating with SIMATIC S7-1500

Automating with SIMATIC S7-1500 ebook download

With many innovations, the SIMATIC S7-1500 programmable logic controller (PLC) sets new standards in productivity and efficiency in control technology. By its outstanding system performance and with PROFINET as the standard interface, it ensures extremely short system response times and the highest control quality with a maximum of flexibility for most demanding automation tasks. The engineering software STEP 7 Professional operates inside TIA Portal, a user interface that is designed for...

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Help Your Kids with Math, 2nd Edition

Help Your Kids with Math, 2nd Edition ebook download

After its publication in 2010, Help Your Kids with Math quickly climbed to the top of DK's bestseller charts. Families were hungry for meaningful math help-not Internet searches and hours of family frustration. The simple, visual approach of Help Your Kids with Math was exactly what parents needed to understand and explain the concepts children use most in grades 3 through 6. Covering everything from basic arithmetic to the more complex subjects of statistics, geometry, and algebra Help Your...

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Statistics in Action: A Canadian Outlook

Statistics in Action: A Canadian Outlook ebook download

Commissioned by the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC), Statistics in Action: A Canadian Outlook helps both general readers and users of statistics better appreciate the scope and importance of statistics. It presents the ways in which statistics is used while highlighting key contributions that Canadian statisticians are making to science, technology, business, government, and other areas. The book emphasizes the role and impact of computing in statistical modeling and analysis, including the...

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Maths for Chemists, 2nd Edition

Maths for Chemists, 2nd Edition ebook download

This is a new edition of the combined Volumes I and II of the hugely successful Tutorial Chemistry Texts Maths for Chemists. The new edition will continue to provide an excellent resource for all undergraduate chemistry students particularly focussing on the needs of students who may not have studied mathematics beyond GCSE level (or equivalent). The text is introductory in nature and adopts a sympathetic approach for students who need support and understanding in working with the diverse...

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