Mobile Marketing For Dummies

Mobile Marketing For Dummies ebook download

Straightforward advice on building and launching a mobile marketing plan Mobile communication is hot, and so is marketing on mobile devices. Mobile Marketing For Dummiesprovides a clear and easy path for creating, launching, and making the most of a mobile marketing program. Designed for marketing professionals and other business people who may have little experience with the medium, it explains mobile marketing and how to convert a traditional marketing plan to mobile. Topics include...

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Photoshop 3D for Animators

Photoshop 3D for Animators ebook download

Photoshop is not just for photographers anymore. Photoshop 3D for Animators is one of the only titles available that discusses 3D Photoshop techniques specifically for animators. Now with Adobe CS5, 3D Digital artists can integrate 3D models into Photoshop or create 3D models in Photoshop with the high capability to customize, edit and animate. With Photoshop 3D for Animators, explore the new 3D tools and techniques that will enhance your animation pipeline and workflows with the Adobe Suite...

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The New HR Analytics: Predicting the Economic Value of Your Company`s Human Capital Investments

The New HR Analytics: Predicting the Economic Value of Your Company`s Human Capital Investments ebook download

In his landmark book, "The ROI of Human Capital", Jac Fitz-enz presented a system of powerful metrics for quantifying the contributions of individual employees to a company's bottom line. "The New HR Analytics" is another such quantum leap, revealing how to predict the value of future human capital investments. Using Fitz-enz's proprietary analytic model, readers learn how to measure and evaluate past and current returns. By combining those results with focused business intelligence and...

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Photoshop Elements 9 All-in-One For Dummies

Photoshop Elements 9 All-in-One For Dummies ebook download

Create your photo vision with the latest version of Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements is the top selling consumer photo editing software and Adobe continues to add innovative features that allow digital photo enthusiasts to do it all. This value-packed reference combines nine content-rich minibooks in one complete package. User-friendly and detailed, it covers the key features and tools that beginner and experienced users need to create high-quality images for print, e-mail, and the Web...

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Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example

Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example ebook download

“Ruby on Rails™ 3 Tutorial: Learn Rails by Exampleby Michael Hartl has become a must read for developers learning how to build Rails apps.”—Peter Cooper, Editor of Ruby InsideUsing Rails 3, developers can build web applications of exceptional elegance and power. Although its remarkable capabilities have made Ruby on Rails one of the world’s most popular web development frameworks, it can be challenging to learn and use. Ruby on Rails™ 3 Tutorial is the solution. Leading Rails...

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Outlook 2010 For Dummies

Outlook 2010 For Dummies ebook download

Get up to speed on the new features of Outlook 2010 with this fun and friendly guide Although Microsoft Outlook is the number one most popular e-mail and productivity tool, many utilize only a fraction of its true potential. This easy-to-understand guide walks you through an abundance of often-overlooked tips and tricks so that you can take advantage of all that Outlook has to offer. Outlook 2010 For Dummiesintroduces you to the user interface, and explains how to use the To-Do bar, filter junk...

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SAT For Dummies, 7th Editon

SAT For Dummies, 7th Editon ebook download

This new edition of The SAT For Dummiesgives you the information you need to focus on those areas that are most problematic and to ensure that you achieve the best possible score. Whether you're struggling with math, reading, or writing essays, this updated guide offers advice for tackling the toughest questions, as well as hints and tips for making the most of the time available to complete each section.Features four full-length practice tests (two more than prior editions) with detailed...

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Prezi For Dummies

Prezi For Dummies ebook download

A one-stop resource for an exciting new Web-based, slide-free presentation tool! People who have been seeking a flashier version of PowerPoint have found it—and it's Prezi. A Web-based, slide-free presentation tool, Prezi allows users to create and give rich, Web-based presentations complete with dynamic content, contextual layouts, and eye-catching visuals. Prezi For Dummiesgets you rapidly up to speed, including how to think outside the traditional slide, create your project, insert Flash and...

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Networking All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition

Networking All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition ebook download

The ultimate reference guide for network administrators Network administrators now have a single, convenient place to turn for all the information they need. Networking All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Editionis like ten books in one, covering such topics as networking basics, network security, setting up TCP/IP and connecting to the Internet, handling mobile devices, and much more. This valuable book covers all the newest updates and trends, including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.A...

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Quicken 2011 For Dummies

Quicken 2011 For Dummies ebook download

The classic guide to the leading personal finance software—completely updated! As the number one personal finance software on the market, Quicken empowers you to take control of your personal finances quickly and effortlessly. Providing you with a thorough update of all the latest features and enhancements to the new release of Quicken 2011, Stephen Nelson shows you how to track your day-to-day finances, better manage your investments, evaluate the tax implications of your financial decisions,...

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The ideal introductory reference on—now fully updated throughout! As the global leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), helps companies all over the world manage their sales, marketing, and customer service and support operations. Written by two insiders, this straightforward introduction clearly explains how to organize contacts, log activities with contacts, schedule business appointments, use forecasting tools to predict...

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Python 3 Object Oriented Programming

Python 3 Object Oriented Programming ebook download

The book begins with the very foundations of OOP and then uses practical examples to show how to correctly implement Object Oriented Programming in Python. Many examples are taken from real-world projects. The book focuses on high-level design as well as the gritty details of the Python syntax. The provided exercises inspire the reader to think about his or her own code, rather than providing solved problems. If you're new to Object Oriented Programming techniques, or if you have basic Python...

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Calculus with Applications, 10th Edition

Calculus with Applications, 10th Edition ebook download

Calculus with Applications, Tenth Edition (also available in a Brief Version containing Chapters 1–9) by Lial, Greenwell, and Ritchey, is our most applied text to date, making the math relevant and accessible for students of business, life science, and social sciences. Current applications, many using real data, are incorporated in numerous forms throughout the book, preparing students for success in their professional careers. With this edition, students will find new ways to get involved with...

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Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and CSS, 6th Edition

Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and CSS, 6th Edition ebook download

Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and CSS in One Hour a Day, Sixth Edition is the latest edition of the original worldwide bestseller. The entire book has been thoroughly revised and refined to include new detailed coverage of HTML5, the next major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web, HTML. Work on the HTML5 specification is still ongoing, but parts of HTML5 are already being implemented in new versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and...

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Storytelling for User Experience: Crafting Stories for Better Design

Storytelling for User Experience: Crafting Stories for Better Design ebook download

We all use stories to communicate, explore, persuade, and inspire. In user experience, stories help us to understand our users, learn about their goals, explain our research, and demonstrate our design ideas. In this book, Quesenbery and Brooks teach you how to craft and tell your own unique stories to improve your designs. Testimonials "Stories facilitate a level of communication that is as close to telepathy as you can get. Kevin and Whitney guide you to use storytelling in `how to'...

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Understanding Nutrition, 12th Edition

Understanding Nutrition, 12th Edition ebook download

This best-selling introductory nutrition text is praised for its approachable narrative, engaging presentation, and careful explanations. The new Twelfth Edition of Whitney and Rolfes' UNDERSTANDING NUTRITION takes the study of nutrition to a new level with an emphasis on active learning, assignable content, and integrated resources. From its beautiful and carefully developed art program to its strong science base, contemporary coverage, and market-leading supplements, the Twelfth Edition of...

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Sams Teach Yourself iTunes 10 in 10 Minutes

Sams Teach Yourself iTunes 10 in 10 Minutes ebook download

A clear, super quick, easy-to-understand guide to the brand-new iTunes 10Fast access to instructions for every common task, plus reliable, concise answers to the most widely asked questionsOrganized into lessons that distill the most crucial information on each iTunes topic - fully up to date for the brand new iTunes 10Tips and cautions point out shortcuts, solutions, and help you avoid common pitfallsApple's iPods, iPhones, and iPads are among the best-selling devices ever, with iPod touch...

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Sams Teach Yourself TweetDeck in 10 Minutes

Sams Teach Yourself TweetDeck in 10 Minutes ebook download

Sams Teach Yourself TweetDeck in 10 Minutes gives you straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results. By working through its 10-minute lessons, you'll learn how to consolidate all your social networking and stay connected on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and other networks. Use TweetDeck on your PC, Mac, or iPhone...where you want, when you want, anywhere!TIPS point out shortcuts and solutionsCAUTIONS help you avoid common pitfallsNOTES provide additional information10...

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QuickBooks 2011 For Dummies, 18th Edition

QuickBooks 2011 For Dummies, 18th Edition ebook download

Bestselling author Stephen Nelson returns with big help for small businesses Offering expert advice, bestselling author Stephen Nelson returns with updated coverage of the latest revisions and enhancements to the leading small business accounting software package: QuickBooks. After a quick review of bookkeeping basics, you’ll discover how QuickBooks can help you build the perfect budget, process payroll, simplify your tax return prep work, create invoices, manage inventory, generate...

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SharePoint 2010 All-in-One For Dummies

SharePoint 2010 All-in-One For Dummies ebook download

Simplify SharePoint with this comprehensive, understandable guide SharePoint is a Microsoft technology that enables project collaboration through a single portal. It can be complex, but not when approached the Dummies way! This guide offers eight self-contained minibooks that examine each aspect of SharePoint 2010. Whether you're an experienced administrator or developer or you're just getting your feet wet, you'll find it's easy to locate what you need and learn to install, configure, and...

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Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets

Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets ebook download

Maximize your fun and boost your productivity with this updated, full-color guide to tantalizing Twitter tips! The popularity of Twitter continues to soar, and is fast becoming the most popular social networking site online. Whether you're looking to learn how to set up an account for the first time or are on the prowl for some cool third-party Twitter apps, this full-color guide will boost your entire Twitter experience. Allowing you to communicate with fellow Twitters within a 140-character...

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Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies ebook download

Face Facebook, link up with LinkedIn, and tweet with Twitter using this all-in-one guide! Marketing your business through social media isn't rocket science. Here's how to apply the marketing savvy you already have to the social media your prospects are using, helping you get and keep more customers, make more sales, and boost your bottom line.Find the business side — explore the variety of social media options and research where your target audience hangs outCollect your tools — discover ways...

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Test-Drive ASP.NET MVC

Test-Drive ASP.NET MVC ebook download

It's testable. It's light-weight. It's open-source. It's . . . Microsoft?Yes, finally, Microsoft has figured it out. ASP.NET MVC 2.0 lets you test drive your code, control the output of your HTML, and leverage C# and .NET in an easy-to-use web framework. This book shows you all you need to know to get started developing web applications using test-driven development (TDD). You'll learn how to do everything from creating your first test, to building REST web services, to deploying your finished...

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Super Special Codes Using Super Matrices

Super Special Codes Using Super Matrices ebook download

Super special codes are constructed for the first time using super-matrices. Several interesting properties of these codes, along with their applications to other fields are discussed in this book.Table of ContentsChapter 1. Introduction To Supermatrices And Linear Codes
Chapter 2. Super Special Vector Spaces
Chapter 3. Super Special Codes
Chapter 4. Applications Of These New Classes Of Super Special Codes Title: Super Special Codes Using Super MatricesAuthor: Florentin...

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SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming

SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming ebook download

Each chapter in this book helps you identify, explain, and correct a unique and dangerous antipattern. The four parts of the book group the anti​patterns in terms of logical database design, physical database design, queries, and application development. The chances are good that your application's database layer already contains problems such as Index Shotgun, Keyless Entry, Fear of the Unknown, and Spaghetti Query. This book will help you and your team find them. Even better, it will also...

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Selling to Anyone Over the Phone, 2nd Edition

Selling to Anyone Over the Phone, 2nd Edition ebook download

It's a fact: more and more organizations are scaling back on their in-the-field sales operations. Today's sales pros have to build relationships and close deals over the phone in less time than ever before. This fully updated second edition of Selling to Anyone Over the Phone is the salesperson's ready-reference guide for generating the kind of product excitement that will ensure callbacks, partnering with gatekeepers and decision makers using personality-matching techniques, and generally...

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Upgrading and Fixing Computers Do-it-Yourself For Dummies

Upgrading and Fixing Computers Do-it-Yourself For Dummies ebook download

An illustrated, step-by-step guide to repairs and upgrades Whether you want to prepare your computer for Windows 7, avoid investing in a new one, or just "go green", this fully illustrated guide has what you need. You'll learn how to add printers and new keyboards, boost your PC's performance and increase memory, improve power consumption, rev up your multimedia capacity, and much more. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by photos that show you exactly what you should see at every...

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Stained Glass For Dummies

Stained Glass For Dummies ebook download

Discover the artist within and create beautiful stained glass Beautiful stained glass isn't reserved solely for church windows-it can be used to create intricate patterns in home windows, decorate cabinet doors, patio doors, ceilings, skylights, mirrors, lighting fixtures, garden decorations, and much more. Stained Glass For Dummiesprovides all the information you need to express your creativity and spruce up your home with this timeless art. You'll get a full range of art glass instruction,...

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Utility-Based Learning from Data

Utility-Based Learning from Data ebook download

Utility-Based Learning from Data provides a pedagogical, self-contained discussion of probability estimation methods via a coherent approach from the viewpoint of a decision maker who acts in an uncertain environment. This approach is motivated by the idea that probabilistic models are usually not learned for their own sake; rather, they are used to make decisions. Specifically, the authors adopt the point of view of a decision maker who(i) operates in an uncertain environment where the...

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The Rails 3 Way, 2nd Edition

The Rails 3 Way, 2nd Edition ebook download

The Rails™ 3 Way is a comprehensive resource that digs into the new features in Rails 3 and perhaps more importantly, the rationale behind them.
—Yehuda Katz, Rails Core The Bible for Ruby on Rails Application Development Ruby on Rails strips complexity from the development process, enabling professional developers to focus on what matters most: delivering business value via clean and maintainable code. The Rails™ 3 Way is the only comprehensive, authoritative guide to delivering...

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The RSpec Book: Behaviour Driven Development with Rspec, Cucumber, and Friends

The RSpec Book: Behaviour Driven Development with Rspec, Cucumber, and Friends ebook download

You'll get started right away with RSpec 2 and Cucumber by developing a simple game, using Cucumber to express high-level requirements in language your customer understands, and RSpec to express more granular requirements that focus on the behavior of individual objects in the system. You'll learn how to use test doubles (mocks and stubs) to control the environment and focus the RSpec examples on one object at a time, and how to customize RSpec to "speak" in the language of your domain. You'll...

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Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for Working and Leading from a Distance

Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for Working and Leading from a Distance ebook download

Praise for Virtual Team Success "There's no school for this yet, but when the first is established, Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for Working and Leading from a Distance will certainly be the core curriculum."
—Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps, CEO and co-founders, NetAge "Virtual Team Success is a must have for anyone managing geographically-dispersed teams. DeRosa and Lepsinger bring experience and credentials to guide us all through the labyrinth of problems that so often...

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Active Directory: Designing, Deploying, and Running Active Directory, 4th Edition

Active Directory: Designing, Deploying, and Running Active Directory, 4th Edition ebook download

To help you take full advantage of Active Directory, this fourth edition of this bestselling book gives you a thorough grounding in Microsoft's network directory service. With Active Directory, you'll learn how to design, manage, and maintain an AD infrastructure, whether it's for a small business network or a multinational enterprise with thousands of resources, services, and users. This detailed and highly accurate volume covers Active Directory from its origins in Windows 2000 through...

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Agile Web Development with Rails, 3rd Edition

Agile Web Development with Rails, 3rd Edition ebook download

You want to write professional-grade applications: Rails is a full-stack, open-source web framework, with integrated support for unit, functional, and integration testing. It enforces good design principles, consistency of code across your team (and across your organization), and proper release management. But Rails is more than a set of best practices. Rails makes it both fun and easy to turn out very cool web applications. Need Ajax support, so your web applications are highly interactive?...

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Confident Public Speaking, 2nd Edition

Confident Public Speaking, 2nd Edition ebook download

Previously titled PUBLIC SPEAKING: A PROCESS APPROACH, Deanna Sellnow's CONFIDENT PUBLIC SPEAKING, SECOND EDITION distinguishes itself as the introductory text that most effectively presents the process of public speaking and the strategies students can use to become confident public speakers. Student-oriented and reader-friendly, the book offers unique coverage of learning styles as an aspect of audience diversity, as well as its extensive, integrated coverage of overcoming communication...

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Calculus, 4th Edition

Calculus, 4th Edition ebook download

Now in its 4th edition, Smith/Minton, Calculus offers students and instructors a mathematically sound text, robust exercise sets and elegant presentation of calculus concepts. When packaged with ALEKS Prep for Calculus, the most effective remediation tool on the market, Smith/Minton offers a complete package to ensure students success in calculus. The new edition has been updated with a reorganization of the exercise sets, making the range of exercises more transparent. Additionally, over 1,000...

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VSTO For Dummies

VSTO For Dummies ebook download

Learn to build custom Office applications with this new Microsoft development tool Designed to attract both VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and Visual Studio developers, VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) is a Visual Studio add-in that makes it easy to create custom Office applications. This book shows developers step by step how to work with VSTO tools to create real-world applications for Word, Outlook, and Excel.VSTO enables developers to easily create custom applications for...

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Beginning ASP.NET Security

Beginning ASP.NET Security ebook download

Programmers: protect and defend your Web apps against attack! You may know ASP.NET, but if you don't understand how to secure your applications, you need this book. This vital guide explores the often-overlooked topic of teaching programmers how to design ASP.NET Web applications so as to prevent online thefts and security breaches. You'll start with a thorough look at ASP.NET 3.5 basics and see happens when you don'timplement security, including some amazing examples. The book then delves into...

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Android in Action, 2nd Edition

Android in Action, 2nd Edition ebook download

Android is a free, open source, Java-based mobile platform developed by Google. Android in Action, Second Edition prepares the reader to embrace the Android mobile platform in easy-to-understand language and builds on this foundation with reusable Java code examples. It's ideal for corporate developers and hobbyists who have an interest, or a mandate, to deliver mobile software. Android in Action, Second Edition familiarizes the reader with the Android approach to mobile applications. The...

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Build a Website for Free, 2nd Edition

Build a Website for Free, 2nd Edition ebook download

Build yourself a state-of-the-art website.It’s incredibly easy...and it won’t cost you a dime!You need a website. But you don’t need the hassles that usually go with building one or the expense of hiring someone else to do it. Here’s your solution: Build a Website for Free! You’ll learn how you can use new Web 2.0 technologies to create a site that’s impressive and effective. And here’s the best part: You’ll do it all with software and tools that...

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