The Hunted

The Hunted ebook download

New York Times bestselling author Brian Haig delivers his a thriller inspired by a true story about one man running between two countries, trying desperately to escape his past. In 1987, Alex Konevitch was thrown out ofMoscowUniversityfor "indulging his entrepreneurial spirit." But by 1991, he was worth $300 million. On track to becomeRussia's wealthiest man, he makes one critical mistake: he hires the former deputy director of the KGB to handle his corporate security. And then his world begins...

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The Last King of Brighton (Brighton Mysteries)

The Last King of Brighton (Brighton Mysteries) ebook download

The new gripping mystery following City of Dreadful Night - A man impaled on the South Downs. Another skinned alive. A skeleton found beneath the West Pier, its feet encased in concrete. Brighton has been invaded. But this is no mere power struggle between rival mobsters; the motives for the killings stretch back through the decades, to an explosive forty-year-old secret Brighton’s crime king John Hathaway would rather forget. But someone else remembers – and that someone has decided that...

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Those Who Dare: Book One in the Raiding Forces Series (Second World War Fiction)

Those Who Dare: Book One in the Raiding Forces Series (Second World War Fiction) ebook download

The first in a series of meticulously researched World War II novels about hit-and-run raids against Hitler's war machine by British forces - under the command of a U.S. soldier - "Those Who Dare" is sure to appeal to avid military fiction fans. By May 1940, panzer divisions had decimated Belgium and reached Calais. Lieutenant John Randal of the U.S. 26th Cavalry Regiment volunteers his expertise to help slow their advance. What unfolds is a blend of military guerrilla tactics, suspense,...

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Peppermint Creek Inn

Peppermint Creek Inn ebook download

Peppermint Creek Inn By Jan Springer The first in the Undercover series. She wants to forget her past… Sara lives alone in the isolated wilderness of Canada…until one stormy night when an injured fugitive with amnesia forces his way into her home and straight into her wounded heart. He's dangerous, tastes of dark, delicious sex and unleashes lusty cravings she never knew she had. Although there can be no future with a sexy man accused of murder, she's willing to do whatever it takes to keep him...

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The Vigilantes (Badge of Honor)

The Vigilantes (Badge of Honor) ebook download

The dramatic new novel in Griffin's New York Times- bestselling chronicle of the Philadelphia police force. There's a sudden spike in murders in Philadelphia, but no one seems to mind much because the victims all seem to be lowlifes. The more Homicide Sergeant Matthew Payne investigates, however, the more he gets a bad feeling-one that only gets worse when vigilante groups spring up claiming credit for some of the hits, even though Payne knows it can't be true. As the targets get bigger and...

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Regarding Ducks and Universes

Regarding Ducks and Universes ebook download

On a foggy Monday in 1986, the universe suddenly, without warning, bifurcated. Fast-forward to 35 years later: Felix Sayers is a culinary writer living in San Francisco of Universe A who spends his days lunching at Coconut Cafe and dreaming of penning an Agatha Christie-style mystery. But everything changes when his Aunt Henrietta dies, leaving Felix a photograph of his father and himself--dated ten days before Felix was born. It can only mean one thing: Felix has an 'alter' in Universe B....

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Satori: Thriller

Satori: Thriller ebook download

Tokio 1951: Das Schicksal der Welt steht auf Messers Schneide. USA und Russland kämpfen mit allen Mitteln um die Vorherrschaft in Asien. Die CIA, die Nikolai Hel inhaftiert und gefoltert hat, macht ihm ein Angebot: Seine Freiheit gegen den Tod des sowjetischen Botschafters in Peking. Getarnt als Waffenhändler gerät Hel in ein tödliches Netz politischer Intrigen und verfolgt dabei ganz eigene Ziele: Rache und den Weg zu Satori, der Erleuchtung. Title: Satori: ThrillerAuthor: Don Winslow...

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Downhill Chance: A Novel

Downhill Chance: A Novel ebook download

With Kit’s Law, Donna Morrissey established herself as a gifted storyteller. Her chronicle of life in a remote Newfoundland outport was acclaimed by critics and embraced by readers worldwide. Downhill Chance is a captivating successor to Morrissey’s first novel. Set in a pair of isolated fishing communities in Newfoundland during and after the Second World War, this is the story of two families joined by friendship but torn apart by fear and sorrows.
Prude Osmond reads her tea...

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Bride for a Night

Bride for a Night ebook download

After Olivia Dobson is jilted at the altar, she endures another humiliation: a substitute groom! The elder brother of her runaway betrothed has taken matters into his own hands. Shy Olivia has long held a secret attraction for Andrew Richardson, the handsome Earl of Ashcombe. But when she's wedded, bedded and dispatched alone to his country estate, the timid beauty discovers one night of passion has ignited a bold inner fire. While his lovely green-eyed bride is out of sight, she is not far...

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Foreign Land: A Novel

Foreign Land: A Novel ebook download

From Jonathan Raban, the award--winning author of Bad Land and Passage to Juneau, comes this quirky and insightful story of what can happen when one can and does go home again. For the past thirty years, George Grey has been a ship bunker in the fictional west African nation of Montedor, but now he's returning home to England-to a daughter who's a famous author he barely knows, to a peculiar new friend who back in the sixties was one of England's more famous singers, and to the long and empty...

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The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths

The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths ebook download

In 1990, a young woman was strangled on a jogging path near the home of Pat Brown and her family. Brown suspected the young man who was renting a room in her house, and quickly uncovered strong evidence that pointed to him--but the police dismissed her as merely a housewife with an overactive imagination. It would be six years before her former boarder would be brought in for questioning, but the night Brown took action to solve the murder was the beginning of her life's work. Pat Brown is now...

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The Peach Keeper: A Novel

The Peach Keeper: A Novel ebook download

The New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Chased the Moon welcomes you to her newest locale: Walls of Water, North Carolina, where the secrets are thicker than the fog from the town’s famous waterfalls, and the stuff of superstition is just as real as you want it to be. It’s the dubious distinction of thirty-year-old Willa Jackson to hail from a fine old Southern family of means that met with financial ruin generations ago. The Blue Ridge Madam—built by Willa’s...

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Breaking the Rules: A Novel

Breaking the Rules: A Novel ebook download

Izzy Zanella wasn’t looking for another reason to butt heads with his Navy SEAL teammate, and nemesis, Danny Gillman. But then he met Danny’s beautiful younger sister, Eden. When she needed it most, he offered her a place to stay, a shoulder to cry on—and more. And when she got pregnant with another man’s child, he offered her marriage. But Eden’s devastating miscarriage shattered their life together—and made the intense bad blood between Izzy and Danny even worse. Now...

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Reckless ebook download

Ever since Jacob Reckless was a child, he has been escaping to a hidden world through a portal in his father's abandoned study. Over the years, he has made a name for himself as a finder of enchanted items and buried secrets. He's also made many enemies and allies--most important, Fox, a beautiful shape-shifting vixen whom Jacob cares for more than he lets on.But life in this other world is about to change. Tragedy strikes when Jacob's younger brother, Will, follows him through the portal....

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Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited

Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited ebook download

Speak, Memory, first published in 1951 as Conclusive Evidence and then assiduously revised in 1966, is an elegant and rich evocation of Nabokov's life and times, even as it offers incisive insights into his major works, including Lolita, Pnin, Despair, The Gift, The Real Life of Sebastian Knight, and The Defense. From the Trade Paperback edition.The late Vladimir Nabokov always did things his way, and his classic autobiography is no exception. No dry recital of dates, names, and addresses for...

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The Last Hunter – Descent

The Last Hunter – Descent ebook download

**The Last Hunter - Pursuit (Book 2 of the Antarktos Saga) is now available. Pick up both books while you're here! DESCRIPTION: I've been told that the entire continent of Antarctica groaned at the moment of my birth. The howl tore across glaciers, over mountains and deep into the ice. Everyone says so. Except for my father; all he heard was Mother's sobs. Not of pain, but of joy, so he says. Other than that, the only verifiable fact about the day I was born is that an iceberg the size of Los...

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Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine ebook download

This year Valentine's Day isn't for romance. It's for murder. Mega rich restaurant owner Jack Barnes and his second wife Zee are very much in love. However, their plans for Valentine's Day are about to be torn apart by the most violent murder. Who is the strange figure plotting this sick crime? Who hates Jack that much? There are plenty of suspects living in Jack's fancy block of flats. Is it them, or could it be the work of an outsider with a twisted mind? One thing's for sure, the police have...

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The Monkey and the Monk: An Abridgment of The Journey to the West

The Monkey and the Monk: An Abridgment of The Journey to the West ebook download

Anthony C. Yu’s celebrated translation of The Journey to the West reinvigorated one of Chinese literature’s most beloved classics for English-speaking audiences when it first appeared thirty years ago. Yu’s abridgment of his four-volume translation, The Monkey and the Monk, finally distills the epic novel’s most exciting and meaningful episodes without taking anything away from their true spirit. These fantastic episodes recount the adventures of Xuanzang, a...

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Pentecost Alley: A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel

Pentecost Alley: A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel ebook download

The murder of a prostitute named Ada McKinley in a bedroom on decrepit Pentecost Alley should occasion no stir in Victoria’s great metropolis, but under the victim’s body, the police find a Hellfire Club badge inscribed with the name “Finlay Fitzjames”—a name that instantly draws Superintendent Thomas Pitt into the case. Finlay’s father—immensely wealthy, powerful, and dangerous—refuses to consider the possibility that his son has been in Ada McKinley’s bed....

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22 Britannia Road: A Novel

22 Britannia Road: A Novel ebook download

A tour de force that echoes modern classics like Suite Francaise and The Postmistress. "Housekeeper or housewife?" the soldier asks Silvana as she and eight- year-old Aurek board the ship that will take them from Poland to England at the end of World War II. There her husband, Janusz, is already waiting for them at the little house at 22 Britannia Road. But the war has changed them all so utterly that they'll barely recognize one another when they are reunited. "Survivor," she answers. Silvana...

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A World on Fire: Britain`s Crucial Role in the American Civil War

A World on Fire: Britain`s Crucial Role in the American Civil War ebook download

Acclaimed historian Amanda Foreman follows the phenomenal success of her New York Times bestseller Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire with her long-awaited second work of nonfiction: the fascinating story of the American Civil War and the major role played by Britain and its citizens in that epic struggle. Even before the first rumblings of secession shook the halls of Congress, British involvement in the coming schism was inevitable. Britain was dependent on the South for cotton, and in turn the...

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11/22/63: A Novel

11/22/63: A Novel ebook download

On November 22, 1963, three shots rang out in Dallas, President Kennedy died, and the world changed. What if you could change it back? Stephen King’s heart-stoppingly dramatic new novel is about a man who travels back in time to prevent the JFK assassination—a thousand page tour de force.Following his massively successful novel Under the Dome, King sweeps readers back in time to another moment—a real life moment—when everything went wrong: the JFK assassination. And he introduces readers...

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A World Without Heroes

A World Without Heroes ebook download

The magic begins again as bestselling author Brandon Mull brings his newest blockbuster-ready fantasy series directly to Aladdin! Jason Walker lives a predictable life: going to school, playing baseball, volunteering at the local zoo—until one day he falls through a tunnel near the hippo tank and ends up in a new, utterly foreign world. In Lyrian, the people dress differently, behave differently, and all live in fear of their malicious Emperor, Surroth. But in Jason’s search for a way...

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American Uprising: The Untold Story of America`s Largest Slave Revolt

American Uprising: The Untold Story of America`s Largest Slave Revolt ebook download

A gripping and deeply revealing history of an infamous slave rebellion that nearly toppled New Orleans and changed the course of American historyIn January 1811, five hundred slaves, dressed in military uniforms and armed with guns, cane knives, and axes, rose up from the plantations around New Orleans and set out to conquer the city. Ethnically diverse, politically astute, and highly organized, this self-made army challenged not only the economic system of plantation agriculture but also...

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Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens

Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens ebook download

"All first-rate criticism first defines what we are confronting," the late, great jazz critic Whitney Balliett once wrote. By that measure, the essays of Christopher Hitchens are in the first tier. For nearly four decades, Hitchens has been telling us, in pitch-perfect prose, what we confront when we grapple with first principles-the principles of reason and tolerance and skepticism that define and inform the foundations of our civilization-principles that, to endure, must be defended anew by...

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Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef

Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef ebook download


Before Gabrielle Hamilton opened her acclaimed New York restaurant Prune, she spent twenty hard-living years trying to find purpose and meaning in her life. Blood, Bones & Butter follows an unconventional journey through the many kitchens Hamilton has inhabited through the years: the rural kitchen of her childhood, where her adored mother stood over the six-burner with an oily wooden spoon in hand; the kitchens of France, Greece, and Turkey, where she was...

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Archangel`s Blade

Archangel`s Blade ebook download

Trying to discover the identity of a murder victim brings together the vampire Dmitri and a hunter for the Guild, Honor. And as the gruesome murders continue, a lethal sensuality explodes between them. Title: Archangel`s BladeAuthor: Nalini Singh Length: 336 pages Edition: Original Language: English Publisher:Berkley Publication Date: 2011-09-06 ISBN-10: 0425243915 ISBN-13: 9780425243916 FilePi: Click to download EPUB, MOBI 1 01/27/2015...

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1861: The Civil War Awakening

1861: The Civil War Awakening ebook download

As the United States marks the 150th anniversary of our defining national drama, 1861 presents a gripping and original account of how the Civil War began. 1861 is an epic of courage and heroism beyond the battlefields. Early in that fateful year, a second American revolution unfolded, inspiring a new generation to reject their parents’ faith in compromise and appeasement, to do the unthinkable in the name of an ideal. It set Abraham Lincoln on the path to greatness and millions of slaves...

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Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go to Sleep ebook download

"As I sleep, my mind will erase everything I did today. I will wake up tomorrow as I did this morning. Thinking I’m still a child. Thinking I have a whole lifetime of choice ahead of me. . . ." Memories define us. So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep? Your name, your identity, your past, even the people you love—all forgotten overnight. And the one person you trust may be telling you only half the story. Welcome to Christine's life. Amazon Best Books of the Month, June...

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A Monster Calls: Inspired by an Idea from Siobhan Dowd

A Monster Calls: Inspired by an Idea from Siobhan Dowd ebook download

An unflinching, darkly funny, and deeply moving story of a boy, his seriously ill mother, and an unexpected monstrous visitor. At seven minutes past midnight, thirteen-year-old Conor wakes to find a monster outside his bedroom window. But it isn't the monster Conor's been expecting-- he's been expecting the one from his nightmare, the nightmare he's had nearly every night since his mother started her treatments. The monster in his backyard is different. It's ancient. And wild. And it wants...

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Scenes from Village Life

Scenes from Village Life ebook download

“Informed by everything, weighed down by nothing, this is an exquisite work of art.” —The Scotsman Strange things are happening in Tel Ilan, a century-old pioneer village. A disgruntled retired politician complains to his daughter that he hears the sound of digging at night. Could it be their tenant, that young Arab? But then the young Arab hears the digging sounds too. Where has the mayor’s wife gone, vanished without trace, her note saying “Don’t worry about...

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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars ebook download

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten. Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning author John Green’s most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the...

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In the Garden of Temptation (The Garden Series Book 1)

In the Garden of Temptation (The Garden Series Book 1) ebook download

HONOR – Adam Stanford, Earl of Ashworth, has always done the right thing.
DESIRE – Lady Catherine Bourgeault, lonely and rejected, longs to experience passion, to love just once in her life.
TREACHERY – The Baron Bourgeault, to what extremes will an obsessive, unstable man go to achieve his own dark ends?
SEDUCTION – In the face of a love that will not be denied, Adam and Catherine risk everything to be together.
BETRAYAL – What price must Catherine and Adam pay for a forbidden...

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In the Garden of Seduction (The Garden Series Book 2)

In the Garden of Seduction (The Garden Series Book 2) ebook download

Cassandra James is in for a terrible shock. She is not who she thinks she is, never has been. One morning she awakens to find the neat order of her wealthy, middle class world changed forever. Add to this the complication of Simon Fitzgerald, Marquess of Sutherfield. A handsome rogue at his most intriguing, he pursues Cassandra with single-minded determination, but his motives are not pure. He wishes to bed the lady, not marry her. Excerpt:
Cassandra laughed. “I’ve never met...

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The Italian`s One-night Love-child

The Italian`s One-night Love-child ebook download

Pregnant with De Angelis’ baby! Seeing Bethany Maguire’s captivating curves in a tantalising silk dress, Cristiano De Angelis indulges in one night of passion with this beauty. A string of society heiresses have graced his bed…what difference will one more make? Except virgin Bethany is no socialite. She was just house-sitting a glamorous apartment when she gave in to temptation and tried on one of the owner’s designer dresses! She doesn’t belong in Cristiano’s...

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In the Garden of Disgrace (The Garden Series Book 3)

In the Garden of Disgrace (The Garden Series Book 3) ebook download

When 17-year-old Lady Jillian Fitzgerald sneaks out to spy on a duel, she believes she is merely guilty of an indiscretion. But when the duel takes a deadly turn and Jillian becomes an unwilling passenger in the fleeing carriage of the infamous "Lord Wicked," she knows what began as a lark has become a disaster. One night of bad judgment and her life is changed forever. Title: In the Garden of Disgrace (The Garden Series Book 3)Author: Cynthia Wicklund Length: 235 pages Edition: 1...

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Four Classic Alex Delaware Thrillers 4-Book Bundle

Four Classic Alex Delaware Thrillers 4-Book Bundle ebook download

For decades, thriller master Jonathan Kellerman has been keeping readers in suspense, putting to the test the razor-sharp insights of Dr. Alex Delaware. Alongside friend and partner, LAPD detective Milo Sturgis, the psychologist sleuth confronts mystery, deception, and danger. Now four of Delaware’s most exhilarating adventures—Silent Partner, Devil’s Waltz, Bad Love, and Self-Defense—are packaged together in one gripping eBook bundle perfect for stay-up-late entertainment. Contains...

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Mass Effect: The Complete Novels 4-Book Bundle

Mass Effect: The Complete Novels 4-Book Bundle ebook download

Picking up where the bestselling videogames left off, the Mass Effect novels take readers into the far reaches of outer space. From the prequel novel, Revelation, to the series capstone, Deception, these original adventures weave together a science fiction epic as they follow Starship Alliance commander David Anderson and his young protégée, scientist Kahlee Sanders, in their battle to save humanity. Packaged together for the first time, this exhilarating eBook bundle...

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The Prospects of International Trade Regulation: From Fragmentation to Coherence

The Prospects of International Trade Regulation: From Fragmentation to Coherence ebook download

For a long time, the GATT led a life of its own as a self-contained regime. The evolution from tariff to non-tariff barriers brought about increasing overlaps with other regulatory areas. WTO rules increasingly interface with other areas of law and policy, including environmental protection, agricultural policies, labour standards, investment, human rights and regional integration. Against this backdrop, this book examines fragmentation in international trade regulation across a wide array of...

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Entrepreneurial Finance, 4th Edition

Entrepreneurial Finance, 4th Edition ebook download

Learn to master today's most effective corporate finance tools and techniques for successful entrepreneurial ventures with Leach/Melicher's ENTREPRENEURIAL FINANCE, 4E. This reader-friendly edition closely follows a "life cycle of the firm" as it introduces the theories, knowledge, and financial tools any entrepreneur needs to start, build, and eventually harvest a successful business venture. Readers focus on sound financial management practices, such as how and where to obtain financial...

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