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Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement

Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement ebook download

How to implement social technology in business, spur collaborative innovation and drive winning programs to improve products, services, and long-term profits and growth. The road to social media marketing is now well paved: A July 2009 Anderson Analytics study found 60% of the Internet population uses social networks and social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Collaboration and innovation, driven by social technology, are “what’s next.” Written by the author...

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Dart for Hipsters

Dart for Hipsters ebook download

In Dart for Hipsters, you follow project-based chapters demonstrating real-world problems solved with Dart. Each project serves as the foundation for deeper discussion of defining features of Dart, such as its support for functional programming. As you reinforce your understanding of Dart, you’ll move on to more complex projects which, in turn, spur more complex discussions, such as how to maintain Dart and javascript side-by-side. By the end of this book, not only will you have a...

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Ethernet Switches

Ethernet Switches ebook download

If you’re ready to build a large network system, this handy excerpt from Ethernet: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition gets you up to speed on a basic building block: Ethernet switches. Whether you’re working on an enterprise or campus network, data center, or Internet service provider network, you’ll learn how Ethernet switches function and how they’re used in network designs. This brief tutorial also provides an overview of the most important features found in...

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Bootstrap ebook download

Discover how easy it is to design killer interfaces and responsive websites with the Bootstrap framework. This practical book gets you started building pages with Bootstrap’s HTML/CSS-based tools and design templates right away. You’ll also learn how to extend your app with interactive features, using its suite of jQuery plugins—often without writing a single line of code. Developed by Twitter and available free from GitHub, Bootstrap supports responsive design by dynamically...

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Current Developments in Algebraic Geometry

Current Developments in Algebraic Geometry ebook download

Algebraic geometry is one of the most diverse fields of research in mathematics. It has had an incredible evolution over the past century, with new subfields constantly branching off and spectacular progress in certain directions, and at the same time, with many fundamental unsolved problems still to be tackled. In the spring of 2009 the first main workshop of the MSRI algebraic geometry program served as an introductory panorama of current progress in the field, addressed to both beginners and...

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Ethernet: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition

Ethernet: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition ebook download

Discover what it takes to build and manage Ethernet networks. This practical book covers a wide range of Ethernet technology, from basic Ethernet operation to network management, based on the authors' years of experience in the field. You'll learn the answers to common questions such as: What can I do to make sure that my Ethernet network works as well as possible? When do I need to upgrade to higher speed Ethernet and how do I do that? How do Ethernet switches work, and how can I use them to...

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Data-Driven Healthcare

Data-Driven Healthcare ebook download

Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI are Transforming the Industry Healthcare is changing, and data is the catalyst Data is taking over in a powerful way, and it's revolutionizing the healthcare industry. You have more data available than ever before, and applying the right analytics can spur growth. Benefits extend to patients, providers, and board members, and the technology can make centralized patient management a reality. Despite the potential for growth, many in the industry and...

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Shigley`s Mechanical Engineering Design, 10th Edition

Shigley`s Mechanical Engineering Design, 10th Edition ebook download

Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design is intended for students beginning the study of mechanical engineering design. Students will find that the text inherently directs them into familiarity with both the basics of design decisions and the standards of industrial components. It combines the straightforward focus on fundamentals that instructors have come to expect, with a modern emphasis on design and new applications. The tenth edition maintains the well-designed approach that has made this...

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Interpreting Engineering Drawings, 8th Edition

Interpreting Engineering Drawings, 8th Edition ebook download

INTERPRETING ENGINEERING DRAWINGS, 8th EDITION offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art training that shows readers how to create professional-quality engineering drawings that can be interpreted with precision in today's technology-based industries. This flexible, user-friendly textbook offers unsurpassed coverage of the theory and practical applications that you'll need as readers communicate technical concepts in an international marketplace. All material is developed around the latest ASME...

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Creating a Data-Driven Organization

Creating a Data-Driven Organization ebook download

What do you need to become a data-driven organization? Far more than having big data or a crack team of unicorn data scientists, it requires establishing an effective, deeply-ingrained data culture. This practical book shows you how true data-drivenness involves processes that require genuine buy-in across your company, from analysts and management to the C-Suite and the board. Through interviews and examples from data scientists and analytics leaders in a variety of industries, author Carl...

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Computer-Aided Graphing and Simulation Tools for AutoCAD Users

Computer-Aided Graphing and Simulation Tools for AutoCAD Users ebook download

This book allows readers to expand the versatility of AutoCAD® design and documentation software. It provides ready-to-use procedures and computer programs for solving problems in a variety of application areas, including computer-aided design, data visualization, evolutionary computation, numerical methods, single and multicriteria optimization, linkage and robot kinematics, cam mechanisms, and involute gears. Students, engineers, and scientists alike will benefit from the text’s...

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Great Teams: 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently

Great Teams: 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently ebook download

There is nothing more magical than watching a team come together, to manage adversity as a group, selflessly give to others, to find common purpose. Inspiring that to happen year-in and year-out is what keeps us in leadership. Don Yaeger has studied the best of the best. Now it is our turn to study this book.—Mike Krzyzewski, five-time NCAA Tournament Champion, two-time Olympic Gold Medal Winning Basketball coach, Duke University Men’s Basketball What makes a team great? Not just good....

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Big Data in Practice: How 45 Successful Companies Used Big Data Analytics to Deliver Extraordinary Results

Big Data in Practice: How 45 Successful Companies Used Big Data Analytics to Deliver Extraordinary Results ebook download

The best-selling author of Big Data is back, this time with a unique and in-depth insight into how specific companies use big data. Big data is on the tip of everyone's tongue. Everyone understands its power and importance, but many fail to grasp the actionable steps and resources required to utilise it effectively. This book fills the knowledge gap by showing how major companies are using big data every day, from an up-close, on-the-ground perspective. From technology, media and retail, to...

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Understanding Statistics in Psychology with SPSS, 7th Edition

Understanding Statistics in Psychology with SPSS, 7th Edition ebook download

Understanding Statistics in Psychology with SPSS 7th edition, offers students a trusted, straightforward, and engaging way of learning how to carry out statistical analyses and use SPSS with confidence. Comprehensive and practical, the text is organised by short, accessible chapters, making it the ideal text for undergraduate psychology students needing to get to grips with Statistics in class or independently. Clear diagrams and full colour screenshots from SPSS make the text suitable for...

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Understanding and Avoiding the Oil Curse in Resource-rich Arab Economies

Understanding and Avoiding the Oil Curse in Resource-rich Arab Economies ebook download

For over eighty years the Arab region has derived massive wealth from its natural resources, yet the region's economies remain little diversified, while the oil market is experiencing major structural shifts with the advent of shale gas. Moreover, the resource itself is eventually exhaustible. Under these conditions economic prosperity cannot be sustainable. The critical question is how can the countries of this region escape the 'oil curse'? In this volume, leading economists argue that the...

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Guide to Big Data Applications

Guide to Big Data Applications ebook download

This handbook brings together a variety of approaches to the uses of big data in multiple fields, primarily science, medicine, and business. This single resource features contributions from researchers around the world from a variety of fields, where they share their findings and experience. This book is intended to help spur further innovation in big data. The research is presented in a way that allows readers, regardless of their field of study, to learn from how applications have proven...

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