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High Performance Datacenter Networks: Architectures, Algorithms, & Opportunities

High Performance Datacenter Networks: Architectures, Algorithms, & Opportunities ebook download

Datacenter networks provide the communication substrate for large parallel computer systems that form the ecosystem for high performance computing (HPC) systems and modern Internet applications. The design of new datacenter networks is motivated by an array of applications ranging from communication intensive climatology, complex material simulations and molecular dynamics to such Internet applications as Web search, language translation, collaborative Internet applications, streaming video and...

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Oracle Database Performance and Scalability: A Quantitative Approach

Oracle Database Performance and Scalability: A Quantitative Approach ebook download

A data-driven, fact-based, quantitative text on Oracle performance and scalability With database concepts and theories clearly explained in Oracle's context, readers quickly learn how to fully leverage Oracle's performance and scalability capabilities at every stage of designing and developing an Oracle-based enterprise application. The book is based on the author's more than ten years of experience working with Oracle, and is filled with dependable, tested, and proven performance optimization...

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Data Integration Blueprint and Modeling: Techniques for a Scalable and Sustainable Architecture

Data Integration Blueprint and Modeling: Techniques for a Scalable and Sustainable Architecture ebook download

Making Data Integration Work: How to Systematically Reduce Cost, Improve Quality, and Enhance Effectiveness Today’s enterprises are investing massive resources in data integration. Many possess thousands of point-to-point data integration applications that are costly, undocumented, and difficult to maintain. Data integration now accounts for a major part of the expense and risk of typical data warehousing and business intelligence projects--and, as businesses increasingly rely on...

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MongoDB in Action

MongoDB in Action ebook download

Summary MongoDB in Action is a comprehensive guide to MongoDB for application developers. The book begins by explaining what makes MongoDB unique and describing its ideal use cases. A series of tutorials designed for MongoDB mastery then leads into detailed examples for leveraging MongoDB in e-commerce, social networking, analytics, and other common applications. About the Technology Big data can mean big headaches. MongoDB is a document-oriented database designed to be flexible, scalable, and...

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Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications

Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications ebook download

Major enterprises and small start-ups are beginning to embrace cloud computing for the scalability and reliability that cloud vendors can provide. This book demonstrates how to implement robust and highly scalable cloud computing applications. Filled with comparative charts and decision trees to help navigate the many implementation alternatives, the author describes the major available commercial offerings and guides readers in choosing the best combination of platform, tools, and services for...

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ITIL Service Operation 2011 Edition

ITIL Service Operation 2011 Edition ebook download

The ITIL Editions 2011 has been updated for clarity, consistency, correctness and completeness. By focusing on delivery and control process activities, ITIL Service Operation describes how a highly desirable steady state of managing services can be achieved on a day-to-day basis. Key Features The updated ITIL publications share a similar standard structure (including generic content in Chapters 1, 2 and 6) to improve consistency and aid navigation. Some content has been reorganized to improve...

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Quantum Computing for Computer Architects, 2nd Edition

Quantum Computing for Computer Architects, 2nd Edition ebook download

Quantum computers can (in theory) solve certain problems far faster than a classical computer running any known classical algorithm. While existing technologies for building quantum computers are in their infancy, it is not too early to consider their scalability and reliability in the context of the design of large-scale quantum computers. To architect such systems, one must understand what it takes to design and model a balanced, fault-tolerant quantum computer architecture. The goal of this...

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Real Life Applications of Soft Computing

Real Life Applications of Soft Computing ebook download

Rapid advancements in the application of soft computing tools and techniques have proven valuable in the development of highly scalable systems and resulted in brilliant applications, including those in biometric identification, interactive voice response systems, and data mining. Although many resources on the subject adequately cover the theoretic concepts, few provide clear insight into practical application. Filling this need, Real Life Applications of Soft Computing explains such...

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Rendering HTML5 Illustration

Rendering HTML5 Illustration ebook download

Add illustration and interactive animation to your Web pages with the new Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and CANVAS tools introduced in HTML5. Understand why there are two different formats, how you can use them, and where they can be used today. * Create SVG and CANVAS illustrations * Add gradients to SVG and CANVAS illustrations * Animate CANVAS designs * Add text to your HTML5 illustrations Rendering HTML5 Illustration is the third of five articles that will be compiled in the book, HTML5:...

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Tika in Action

Tika in Action ebook download

Summary Tika in Action is a hands-on guide to content mining with Apache Tika. The book's many examples and case studies offer real-world experience from domains ranging from search engines to digital asset management and scientific data processing. About the Technology Tika is an Apache toolkit that has built into it everything you and your app need to know about file formats. Using Tika, your applications can discover and extract content from digital documents in almost any format, including...

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Lift in Action: The Simply Functional Web Framework for Scala

Lift in Action: The Simply Functional Web Framework for Scala ebook download

Summary Lift in Action is a step-by-step exploration of the Lift framework. It moves through the subject quickly using carefully crafted, well-explained examples that make you comfortable from the start. This book is written for developers who are new to both Scala and Lift. About the Technology Lift is a Scala-based web framework designed for extremely interactive and engaging web applications. It's highly scalable, production-ready, and will run in any servlet container. And Lift's...

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The H.264 Advanced Video Compression Standard, 2nd Edition

The H.264 Advanced Video Compression Standard, 2nd Edition ebook download

H.264 Advanced Video Coding or MPEG-4 Part 10 is fundamental to a growing range of markets such as high definition broadcasting, internet video sharing, mobile video and digital surveillance. This book reflects the growing importance and implementation of H.264 video technology. Offering a detailed overview of the system, it explains the syntax, tools and features of H.264 and equips readers with practical advice on how to get the most out of the standard.Packed with clear examples and...

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Using Google App Engine

Using Google App Engine ebook download

Build exciting, scalable web applications quickly and confidently using Google App Engine and this book, even if you have little or no experience in programming or web development. App Engine is perhaps the most appealing web technology to appear in the last year, providing an easy-to-use application framework with basic web tools. While Google's own tutorial assumes significant experience, Using Google App Engine will help anyone get started with this platform. By the end of this book, you'll...

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Do more with SOA Integration: Best of Packt

Do more with SOA Integration: Best of Packt ebook download

Integrate, automate, and regulate your business processes with the best of Packt's SOA books and ebooksGet to grips with SOA integration in this comprehensive guide which draws on the value of eight separate Packt SOA books!Learn about SOA integration through both step-by-step tutorial and cookbook chaptersA mash-up book from a range of expert SOA professionals, and a total of eight Packt titles - professional expertise distilled in a true sense.In Detail Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)...

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Software Systems Architecture: Working With Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives

Software Systems Architecture: Working With Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives ebook download

Software Systems Architecture is a practitioner-oriented guide to designing and implementing effective architectures for information systems. It is both a readily accessible introduction to software architecture and an invaluable handbook of well-established best practices. It shows why the role of the architect is central to any successful information-systems development project, and, by presenting a set of architectural viewpoints and perspectives, provides specific direction for improving...

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Mastering SQL Server 2008

Mastering SQL Server 2008 ebook download

As Microsoft’s bestselling database manager, SQL Server is highly flexible and customizable, and has excellent support—the 2008 version offers several significant new capabilities. This book offers accurate and expert coverage on the updates to SQL Server 2008 such as its enhanced security; the ability to encrypt an entire database, data files, and log files without the need for application changes; a scalable infrastructure that can manage reports and analysis of any size and complexity;...

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Multicore Systems-on-chip: Practical Hardware/Software Design Issues

Multicore Systems-on-chip: Practical Hardware/Software Design Issues ebook download

Conventional on-chip communication design mostly use ad-hoc approaches that fail to meet the challenges posed by the next-generation MultiCore Systems on-chip (MCSoC) designs. These major challenges include wiring delay, predictability, diverse interconnection architectures, and power dissipation. A Network-on-Chip (NoC) paradigm is emerging as the solution for the problems of interconnecting dozens of cores into a single system on-chip. However, there are many problems associated with the...

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Moving Applications to the Cloud on the Microsoft Azure Platform

Moving Applications to the Cloud on the Microsoft Azure Platform ebook download

How can a company's applications be scalable and have high availability? To achieve this, along with developing the applications, you must also have an infrastructure that can support them. For example, you may need to add servers or increase the capacities of existing ones, have redundant hardware, add logic to the application to handle distributed computing, and add logic for failovers. You have to do this even if an application is in high demand for only short periods of time. Life becomes...

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Introduction to Tornado

Introduction to Tornado ebook download

Walk through the basics of Tornado, the high-performance web server known for its speed, simplicity, and scalability on projects large and small. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn how to use Tornado’s acclaimed features by working with several example applications. You also get best practices for using Tornado in the real world. Are you interested in creating a scalable social application, real-time analytics engine, or RESTful API—all with the power and simplicity of Python?...

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Working with Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint

Working with Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint ebook download

Build robust, scalable search solutions to fit the way your business works Deliver powerful search tools to your clients—using Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint. Led by three search experts, you’ll learn how to deliver advanced intranet search capabilities and build custom, search-driven applications for your business. Use your skills as a SharePoint architect or developer to configure and program this server for different search scenarios, based on real-world examples....

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SharePoint 2010 Field Guide

SharePoint 2010 Field Guide ebook download

Hands-on solutions for common SharePoint 2010 challenges Aimed at the more than 100 million licensed SharePoint 2010 users, this indispensable field guide addresses an abundance of common SharePoint 2010 problems and offers proven solutions. A team of authors encourages you to customize SharePoint beyond the out-of-the-box functionality so that you can build more complex solutions to these challenges. You?ll discover intricate details and specific full-scale solutions that you can then...

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Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0

Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 ebook download

The Complete, Hands-On Guide to Installing and Configuring VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 is the complete, technical, hands-on guide to VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5.0 installation and configuration for experienced VMware professionals.VMware forum moderator and vExpert Mike Laverick fully explains SRM 5.0’s failover/failback procedures, walks readers through configuring storage replication with hardware from several leading...

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Sieben Wochen, sieben Sprachen

Sieben Wochen, sieben Sprachen ebook download

Die Welt der Programmierer erscheint vielen Mitmenschen noch immer als ein seltsamer Kreis an seltsamen Menschen, die seltsame Dinge tun, damit unsere Computer das tun, was wir wollen. Doch Programmierung ist nicht seltsam, sie kann sogar Spaß machen ;-) - wenn man versteht, worum es dabei geht. O'Reilly hat sich mit diversen Büchern wie Computergeschichte(n) - nicht nur für Geeks: von Antikythera zur Cloud oder Coding for Fun: Programmieren, spielen, IT-Geschichte erleben schon um das...

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Learning Perl, 6th Edition

Learning Perl, 6th Edition ebook download

If you're just getting started with Perl, this is the book you want—whether you're a programmer, system administrator, or web hacker. Nicknamed "the Llama" by two generations of users, this bestseller closely follows the popular introductory Perl course taught by the authors since 1991. This 6th edition covers recent changes to the language up to version 5.14. Perl is suitable for almost any task on almost any platform, from short fixes to complete web applications. Learning Perl teaches you...

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XPages Portable Command Guide

XPages Portable Command Guide ebook download

A Practical Primer for XPages Application Development, Debugging, and PerformanceUsing XPages, Lotus® Notes® and Domino® developers can quickly create state-of-the-art web, mobile, and Notes client business applications using standard technologies like HTML, javascript, CSS, and XML. Now, there’s a perfect portable XPages quick reference for every working developer. Straight from the experts at IBM®, XPages Portable Command Guide offers fast access to working code, tested solutions,...

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Node: Up and Running: Scalable Server-Side Code with javascript

Node: Up and Running: Scalable Server-Side Code with javascript ebook download

This book introduces you to Node, the new web development framework written in javascript. You'll learn hands-on how Node makes life easier for experienced javascript developers: not only can you work on the front end and back end in the same language, you'll also have more flexibility in choosing how to divide application logic between client and server. Written by a core contributor to the framework, Node: Up and Running shows you how Node scales up to support large numbers of...

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ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed

ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed ebook download

In this book, world-renowned ASP.NET expert and member of the Microsoft ASP.NET team Stephen Walther shows experienced developers how to use Microsoft’s new ASP.NET MVC Framework to build web applications that are more powerful, flexible, testable, manageable, scalable, and extensible.Writing for professional programmers, Walther explains the crucial concepts that make the Model-View-Controller (MVC) development paradigm work so well and shows exactly how to apply them with the ASP.NET...

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The Art of Assembly Language, 2nd Edition

The Art of Assembly Language, 2nd Edition ebook download

Assembly is a low-level programming language that's one step above a computer's native machine language. Although assembly language is commonly used for writing device drivers, emulators, and video games, many programmers find its somewhat unfriendly syntax intimidating to learn and use. Since 1996, Randall Hyde's The Art of Assembly Language has provided a comprehensive, plain-English, and patient introduction to assembly for non-assembly programmers. Hyde's primary teaching tool, High Level...

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EJB 3 in Action

EJB 3 in Action ebook download

EJB 3 in Action tackles EJB 3 and the Java Persistence API head-on, providing practical code samples, real-life scenarios, best practices, design patterns, and performance tuning tips. This book builds on the contributions and strengths of seminal technologies like Spring, Hibernate, and TopLink. EJB 3 is the most important innovation introduced in Java EE 5.0. EJB 3 simplifies enterprise development, abandoning the complex EJB 2.x model in favor of a lightweight POJO framework. The new API...

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Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 3: Application Development

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 3: Application Development ebook download

Written by the best known and most trusted name in the ColdFusion community, Ben Forta, The ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit is the best-selling ColdFusion series of all time. Volume 3: Advanced Application Development, focuses on application security, scalability and high-availability, and integration with other systems and technologies. The book starts with two sections dedicated specifically to scalability and security, and then focused on extending ColdFusion applications using...

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uC/OS-III for the Renesas RX62N

uC/OS-III for the Renesas RX62N ebook download

This two-part book puts the spotlight on how a real-time kernel works using Micrium's μC/OS-III kernel as a reference. Part I includes an overview of the operation of real-time kernels, and walks through various aspects of μC/OS-III implementation and usage. Part II provides application examples (using the versatile Renesas YRDKRX62N Evaluation Board, available separately) that enable readers to rapidly develop their own prototypes. This book is written for serious embedded systems programmers,...

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A Developer`s Guide to Amazon SimpleDB

A Developer`s Guide to Amazon SimpleDB ebook download

The Complete Guide to Building Cloud Computing Solutions with Amazon SimpleDBUsing SimpleDB, any organization can leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s powerful cloud-based computing platform–and dramatically reduce the cost and resources associated with application infrastructure. Now, for the first time, there’s a complete developer’s guide to building production solutions with Amazon SimpleDB.Pioneering SimpleDB developer Mocky Habeeb brings together all the...

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Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition

Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition ebook download

Ready to unlock the power of your data? With this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to build and maintain reliable, scalable, distributed systems with Apache Hadoop. This book is ideal for programmers looking to analyze datasets of any size, and for administrators who want to set up and run Hadoop clusters. You’ll find illuminating case studies that demonstrate how Hadoop is used to solve specific problems. This third edition covers recent changes to Hadoop, including material...

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RabbitMQ in Action: Distributed Messaging for Everyone

RabbitMQ in Action: Distributed Messaging for Everyone ebook download

Summary RabbitMQ in Action is a fast-paced run through building and managing scalable applications using the RabbitMQ messaging server. It starts by explaining how message queuing works, its history, and how RabbitMQ fits in. Then it shows you real-world examples you can apply to your own scalability and interoperability challenges. About the Technology There's a virtual switchboard at the core of most large applications where messages race between servers, programs, and services. RabbitMQ is...

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Perl Power!: The Comprehensive Guide

Perl Power!: The Comprehensive Guide ebook download

Perl is a flexible, open-source, and widely accessible scripting language used by systems administrators and others to automate their daily tasks. "Perl Power!: The Comprehensive Guide" will cover every aspect of the most up-to-date version of Perl including scalar data, lists, arrays, hashes, subroutines, files, directories, strings, and much more. Technical topics are explained clearly and concisely and end-of-chapter projects encourage the reader to program on their own. A detailed table of...

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Cisco Network Admission Control, Volume II: NAC Deployment and Troubleshooting

Cisco Network Admission Control, Volume II: NAC Deployment and Troubleshooting ebook download

Cisco Network Admission ControlVolume II: NAC Framework Deployment and TroubleshootingThe self-defending network in actionJazib Frahim, CCIE® No. 5459Omar SantosDavid White, Jr., CCIE No. 12,021When most information security professionals think about threats to their networks, they think about the threat of attackers from the outside. However, in recent years the number of computer security incidents occurring from trusted users within a company has equaled those occurring from external...

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Scala in Depth

Scala in Depth ebook download

Summary Scala in Depth is a unique new book designed to help you integrate Scala effectively into your development process. By presenting the emerging best practices and designs from the Scala community, it guides you through dozens of powerful techniques example by example. About the Book Scala is a powerful JVM language that blends the functional and OO programming models. You'll have no trouble getting introductions to Scala in books or online, but it's hard to find great examples and...

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Windows Azure Step by Step

Windows Azure Step by Step ebook download

Your hands-on, step-by-step guide to the programming fundamentals for Windows Azure™ Teach yourself how to build and host scalable applications in the cloud using Windows Azure—one step at a time. Ideal for those with basic programming skills, this tutorial provides practical, learn-by-doing exercises for working with the core services and features of the Windows Azure platform. Discover how to:Extend your existing skills to the cloud development modelBuild a simple web role application and...

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Core Python Programming, 2nd Edition

Core Python Programming, 2nd Edition ebook download

Praise for Core Python Programming"The long-awaited second edition of Wesley Chun's Core Python Programming proves to be well worth the wait—its deep and broad coverage and useful exercises will help readers learn and practice good Python."—Alex Martelli, author of Python in a Nutshell and editor of Python Cookbook"There has been lot of good buzz around Wesley Chun's Core Python Programming. It turns out that all the buzz is well earned. I think this is the best book currently available for...

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Smashing WebKit

Smashing WebKit ebook download

The ultimate guide to WebKit from the world's most popular resource for web designers and developers As the default browser for both iPhone and Android, WebKit has become a major player in the mobile arena, offering a wider array of HTML5 and CSS3 support than any other major engine. Written by expert author Jon Raasch, this essential book teaches you how to use WebKit to make web sites more engaging, faster, and more visually appealing. You'll explore the variety of unique interface options...

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