Salesforce download links pdf, docx, txt, epub, kf8, azw3, djvu, fb2,mobi, rtf For Dummies, 4th Edition For Dummies, 4th Edition ebook download

The ideal introductory reference on—now fully updated throughout! As the global leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), helps companies all over the world manage their sales, marketing, and customer service and support operations. Written by two insiders, this straightforward introduction clearly explains how to organize contacts, log activities with contacts, schedule business appointments, use forecasting tools to predict...

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Behind the Cloud

Behind the Cloud ebook download

How did grow from a start up in a rented apartment into the world's fastest growing software company in less than a decade? For the first time, Marc Benioff, the visionary founder, chairman and CEO of, tells how he and his team created and used new business, technology, and philanthropic models tailored to this time of extraordinary change. Showing how not only survived the dotcom implosion of 2001, but went on to define itself as the leader of the...

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Scriptin` with javascript and Ajax: A Designer`s Guide

Scriptin` with javascript and Ajax: A Designer`s Guide ebook download

javascript is the brains of your Web page—it enables you to modify a document’s structure, styling, and content in response to user actions without requesting new pages from the server. Scriptin' with javascript and Ajax teaches you how to master this powerful and elegant language so you can develop intuitive user interactions that take the user experience to new levels of sophistication and responsiveness. Today’s application-like Web experiences (such as

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Development with the Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud, 2nd Edition

Development with the Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud, 2nd Edition ebook download

Build Powerful, Scalable, Cloud-Based Enterprise Solutions Fast with the Newest Version of Force.comUsing, you can build enterprise applications with world-class value, scalability, and reliability--and do it in days or weeks, not months or years. In this book, top developer Jason Ouellette offers all the technical guidance and sample code you’ll need to get outstanding results with the newest version of on his experience building three of the...

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Using Technology to Sell: Tactics to Ratchet Up Results

Using Technology to Sell: Tactics to Ratchet Up Results ebook download

"Using Technology to Sell is filled with practical, effective techniques to sell more by leveraging the plethora of tools and information in today’s world. By applying these principles, you'll open more doors, increase your productivity, speed up decisions, and close more deals."
--Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies

Using Technology to Sell: Tactics to Ratchet Up Results shows salespeople and sales managers the most effective ways to leverage a...

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Office Idiots: What to Do When Your Workplace is a Jerkplace

Office Idiots: What to Do When Your Workplace is a Jerkplace ebook download

"Once again, Ken Lloyd has written a book which is relevant, timely, and applicable. It will be of use to employees and managers, as well as organizational leaders. The book not only discusses specific and real workplace examples, but also provides useful action steps in a manner that everyone can relate and apply to their work environments."
--Charles P. Leo, PhD, adjunct professor, Graziadio School of Business & Management, Pepperdine University "One major threat to customer centricity,...

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Getting Started with Mule Cloud Connect

Getting Started with Mule Cloud Connect ebook download

Connect your enterprise to a wide range of SaaS platforms, Open APIs, and social networks quickly and without difficulty. Through step-by-step instructions and numerous real-world examples, this concise guide shows you how to seamlessly integrate the external services you need with Mule ESB and its powerful Cloud Connect toolset. You’ll learn how to use service-specific connectors for many popular APIs—including Salesforce, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Twilio—through easy-to-learn abstractions....

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Professional Heroku Programming

Professional Heroku Programming ebook download

Your total guide to building and deploying brilliant web and mobile apps with Heroku Want to gain a deep understanding of the Heroku platform as a service (PaaS) and what makes it tick? Looking for insider tips and expert guidance on how to structure your apps to take utmost advantage of the Heroku platform? Do you need an accessible, totally practical guide to quickly mastering the skills needed to create brilliant apps with the world's number-one cloud PaaS? If the answer to any or all of...

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Development with the Platform, 3rd Edition

Development with the Platform, 3rd Edition ebook download

Master, Today’s Fastest, Most Flexible Cloud Development Platform With’s platform, you can build and deploy powerful cloud-based enterprise applications faster than ever before. Now, Jason Ouellette gives you all the practical, technical guidance you need to make the most of the newest releases in your own custom cloud applications. Throughout, he adds new code and updated best practices for rapidly prototyping, building, and testing...

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Advanced API Security

Advanced API Security ebook download

Advanced API Security: Securing APIs with OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, JWS, and JWE is a complete reference to the next wave of challenges in enterprise security--securing public and private APIs. API adoption in both consumer and enterprises has gone beyond predictions. It has become the ‘coolest’ way of exposing business functionalities to the outside world. Both your public and private APIs, need to be protected, monitored and managed. Security is not an afterthought, but API...

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Salesforce CRM – The Definitive Admin Handbook, 3rd Edition

Salesforce CRM – The Definitive Admin Handbook, 3rd Edition ebook download

Successfully administer Salesforce CRM and Salesforce mobile implementations with best practices and real-world scenariosAbout This BookUpdated for Winter '15, this book provides the latest best-practice Salesforce administration principles, real-world experience, and critical design considerations for setting up and customizing Salesforce CRMA pragmatic guide to the key functions for the customization and set up of the application, related to enterprise security, user and data management,...

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Learning Apex Programming

Learning Apex Programming ebook download

Create business applications using Apex to extend and improve the usefulness of the Salesforce1 PlatformAbout This BookCreate Apex triggers and classes and build interactive Visualforce pagesUnderstand best practices and workarounds to platform limitationsHands-on examples that will help you create business applications using Apex quickly and efficientlyWho This Book Is ForIf you are a developer who has some object-oriented programming experience, Learning Apex Programming is the perfect book...

Add: 25-07-2017, 16:46 | Views: 73 Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architecture ebook download

Blend industry best practices to architect and deliver packaged applications that cater to enterprise business needsAbout This BookBuild your own application from start to finish, making use of unique tools and platform featuresLearn how to use the platform to build a truly integrated, scalable, and robustly engineered application to design, develop, package, and support an application focusing on enterprise-level customer demandsBuild the first iteration of your own ready-to-install...

Add: 25-07-2017, 16:36 | Views: 182 Customization Handbook Customization Handbook ebook download

Customize Salesforce to automate your business requirementsAbout This BookLearn the concepts of to automate business processesStreamline your sales process and improve collaboration in your organizationA step-by-step approach to online course design to make your business more reliable and productiveWho This Book Is ForIf you want to use Salesforce CRM to automate your business requirements, or you have already adopted Salesforce CRM and want to streamline the sales process, this...

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Salesforce Essentials for Administrators

Salesforce Essentials for Administrators ebook download

Discover the administration fundamentals and challenges of Salesforce CRMAbout This BookLearn how various components provided by Salesforce can be used to build and administrator Salesforce CRM and applicationsFocus on the profiles, roles, workflows, and approval processes with screenshots to provide a visualization of the conceptsExplore the advanced concepts of management, reporting, and security tools provided by platform with practical insight and illustrationsWho This Book Is...

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Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow

Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow ebook download

Click your way to automating your various business processes using Salesforce Visual WorkflowAbout This BookReduce code usage in your organization and solve complex business scenarios using FlowAutomate your common business scenario using Process BuilderThis is a conventional step-by-step guide to automate your business requirements using Flow and Process BuilderWho This Book Is ForLearning Salesforce Visual Workflow is intended for those who want to use Flows to automate their business...

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Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies

Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies ebook download

Learn how to provide top-grade customer service anywhere, anytime with Salesforce Service Cloud Salesforce Service Cloud empowers your service organization to interact with customers through any channel and provide an individualized experience that will be worth sharing—for your customers and for your company. Salesforce Service Cloud For Dummies is one the first books to focus specifically on Salesforce Service Cloud software. With it, you'll discover how to set up a sophisticated support...

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Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards

Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards ebook download

Master the art of building successful reports and dashboards with this comprehensive guideAbout This BookVisualize and create advanced level reports and dashboards using Salesforce.comTake advantage of creating reports and dashboards in the Salesforce mobile app, updated with Spring '15 releaseA concise and informative guide to solve all your reporting woesWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for all Salesforce users―administrators, managers, business analysts, or report writers who are...

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Teach Yourself VISUALLY, 2nd Edition

Teach Yourself VISUALLY, 2nd Edition ebook download

The highly visual, step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Teach Yourself VISUALLY, 2nd Edition is your ideal guide to getting up to speed on the world's number-one on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) system. With full color screenshots and step-by-step instructions, this highly visual manual shows you everything you need to know to get the most out of You'll be walked through each step of the entire process, from choosing the...

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Learning Application Development

Learning Application Development ebook download

Use the platform to design and develop real-world, cutting-edge cloud applicationsAbout This BookDesign, build, and customize real-world applications on the platformReach out to users through public websites and ensure that your application becomes popularDiscover the tools that will help you develop and deploy your applicationWho This Book Is ForIf you are a developer who wants to learn how to develop and deploy applications from the platform, then...

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The Software Paradox: The Rise and Fall of the Commercial Software Market

The Software Paradox: The Rise and Fall of the Commercial Software Market ebook download

Software is more important than ever today and yet its commercial value is steadily declining. Microsoft, for instance, has seen its gross margins decrease for a decade, while startups and corporations alike are distributing free software that would have been worth millions a few years ago. Welcome to the software paradox. In this O’Reilly report, RedMonk’s Stephen O’Grady explains why the real money no longer lies in software, and what it means for companies that depend on...

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Salesforce Service Cloud: Certification and Implementation Study Guide

Salesforce Service Cloud: Certification and Implementation Study Guide ebook download

Are you interested in knowing important features of Salesforce Service Cloud? Have you thought of doing the Certification for Service Cloud Consultant? Are you planning to do the certification exam soon? Do you want to advise your clients on the various features in Salesforce Service Cloud? You’re in the process of implementation and feel that you might have overlooked some of the features? Do you want ensure that when talking to your customers you have set the expectation right? Do you...

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Mastering Application Development with

Mastering Application Development with ebook download

Design and develop state-of-the-art applications using's powerful development platformAbout This BookFlaunt your skillsets by developing complex applications that include demanding concepts such as triggers, Visualforce controllers, batch jobs, and Lightning componentsEarn the gratitude of your colleagues by structuring a project so that multiple developers can work independently of each otherKevin Poorman, the author of the book and a MVP, shares his years of

Add: 25-07-2017, 14:33 | Views: 157 For Dummies, 6th Edition For Dummies, 6th Edition ebook download

Your all-access guide to reaping the benefits of has a rapidly expanding influence over the way companies across the globe interact with their clientele. Written by insiders with years of experience in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, For Dummies gives you an edge in building relationships and managing your company's sales, marketing, customer service, and support operations. You'll discover how to organize contacts,...

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Learning Docker Networking

Learning Docker Networking ebook download

Key FeaturesSet up, configure, and monitor a virtual network of containers using a bridge network and virtual switchesMaster the skill of networking Docker Containers using frameworks such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and MesosphereAcquire hands-on experience through practical examples of Docker networking spanning multiple containers, over multiple hosts, clubbed with various frameworksBook DescriptionDocker is a Linux container implementation that enables the creation of light weight portable...

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Scalability Rules: Principles for Scaling Web Sites, 2nd Edition

Scalability Rules: Principles for Scaling Web Sites, 2nd Edition ebook download

Fully updated! Fifty Powerful, Easy-to-Use Rules for Supporting Hyper Growth“Whether you’re taking on a role as a technology leader in a new company or you simply want to make great technology decisions, Scalability Rules will be the go-to resource on your bookshelf.” –Chad Dickerson, CTO, Etsy Scalability Rules, Second Edition, is the easy-to-use scalability primer and reference for every architect, developer, network/software engineer, web professional, and manager. Authors...

Add: 25-07-2017, 13:27 | Views: 116 Lightning Process Builder and Visual Workflow Lightning Process Builder and Visual Workflow ebook download

Learn how to build logic into your apps by configuring Lightning Process Builder and Visual Workflow software tools to meet the needs of your organization without the use of code. You will be able to build workflow diagrams on the platform and perform complex logic. Individuals who have created workflow diagrams in other applications (e.g., Microsoft Visio) will feel very comfortable using these two tools from Salesforce. If you find yourself in a situation where a...

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Trustworthy Cloud Computing

Trustworthy Cloud Computing ebook download

Introduces the topic of cloud computing with an emphasis on the trustworthiness of cloud computing systems and services This book describes the scientific basis of cloud computing, explaining the ideas, principles, and architectures of cloud computing as well the different types of clouds and the services they provide. The text reviews several cloud computing platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Oracle, Google, HP, IBM, Salesforce, and Kaavo. The author addresses the problem of...

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Salesforce CRM – The Definitive Admin Handbook, 4th Edition

Salesforce CRM – The Definitive Admin Handbook, 4th Edition ebook download

Learn how to successfully administer, build, and manage Salesforce CRM and Salesforce mobile solutions using real-world and best practice techniques About This Book See the latest best practice Salesforce administration principles, gain real-world advice, and understand critical design considerations to set up and customize Salesforce CRM This is a pragmatic guide to the key functions of customizing and setting up the application for enterprise security, user and data management, process...

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Mastering Zendesk

Mastering Zendesk ebook download

Key FeaturesDeep dive into the functionalities of Zendesk and improve the customer services for your organizationLearn how to expand the capabilities of Zendesk by integrating and extending it with third-party toolsA mastering level guide that manages tickets, channels, and workflows along with advanced security featuresBook DescriptionZendesk is a cloud-based customer service solution that is widely used because of its ease of use, efficiency, flexibility, and low cost of ownership. It is...

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Building Bots with Node.js

Building Bots with Node.js ebook download

Key FeaturesCreate interactive bots on platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, and Skype to automate workflowsCreate a bot that works with SQL Server and Skype to deal with HR requests within a companyWork with some of the most cutting-edge and widely-used APIs and messaging platforms to create interactive customer-facing experiences and automate workBook DescriptionThe bots are taking over and we're all for it! Messenger-based bots will be the dominant software UI for the next...

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Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service ebook download

Understand everything you need to know about Oracle's Integration Cloud Service and how to utilize it optimally for your business About This Book The only guide to Integration Cloud Service in the market Focused on practical action to deliver business value A professional's guide to an expensive product, providing comprehensive training, and showing how to extract real business value from the product Who This Book Is For This book is ideal for any IT professional working with ICS, any Oracle...

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Effective Business Intelligence with QuickSight

Effective Business Intelligence with QuickSight ebook download

From data to actionable business insights using Amazon QuickSight!About This BookA practical hands-on guide to improving your business with the power of BI and QuicksightImmerse yourself with an end-to-end journey for effective analytics using QuickSight and related servicesPacked with real-world examples with Solution Architectures needed for a cloud-powered Business Intelligence serviceWho This Book Is ForThis book is for Business Intelligence architects, BI developers, Big Data architects,...

Add: 25-07-2017, 12:35 | Views: 89 Enterprise Architecture, 2nd Edition Enterprise Architecture, 2nd Edition ebook download

Key FeaturesExplore the lightning framework, advanced application life cycle processes, and testingUse the platform to build truly integrated, scalable, and robustly engineered applications focused on enterprise-level customer demandsUsing the Lightning technology to deliver modern and responsive user experiences targeting multiple devices through Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile.Step-by-step, work on examples to get you building your own ready-to-install packaged...

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Mastering Salesforce CRM Administration

Mastering Salesforce CRM Administration ebook download

Key FeaturesBuild your skills and knowledge to crack the Advanced Admin Certification examinationLeverage the advanced administration capabilities of Salesforce and Salesforce1Optimize and extend Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applicationsBook DescriptionThe book starts by refreshing your knowledge of common admin tasks. You will go over Lightning Experience and various security aspects. You will be shown how to implement territory management in your organization and make use of custom objects....

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Visualforce Development Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Visualforce Development Cookbook, 2nd Edition ebook download

Discover over 70 real-world examples to overcome the most complex concepts you will face developing with VisualforceAbout This BookThis book provides an enhanced user experience with dynamically-generated, reactive pagesAccess data over additional channels via public web sites and mobile pagesPacked with easy-to-follow recipes, including step-by-step instructions and Apex/Visualforce code downloads this title is the all in one package you need to get more from Visualforce.Who This Book Is...

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Apex Design Patterns

Apex Design Patterns ebook download

Harness the power of Apex design patterns to build robust and scalable code architectures on the platformAbout This BookApply Creational, Structural and behavioural patterns in Apex to fix governor limit issues.Have a grasp of the anti patterns to be taken care in Apex which could have adverse effect on the application.The authors, Jitendra Zaa is a salesforce MVP and Anshul Verma has 12+ years of experience in the area of application development.Who This Book Is ForIf you are a...

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Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Handbook

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Handbook ebook download

Key FeaturesGet to grips with the fundamentals of to pass the certification exam with flying colorsCreate applications, automate business processes, and manage data operations to be a successful Certified app builderA step-by-step guide that covers the most essential topics for the Platform App Builder Certification in an easy-to-understand formatBook DescriptionThe Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam is for individuals who want to...

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Unleashed: With Expanded Coverage of Parature, ADX and FieldOne

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Unleashed: With Expanded Coverage of Parature, ADX and FieldOne ebook download

Microsoft Dynamics®CRM 2016 Unleashed presents start-to-finish guidance for planning, customizing, deploying, integrating, managing, and securing every new Online and On-Premises version of Dynamics CRM 2016. Leading Dynamics implementer Marc Wolenik presents comprehensive coverage of configuring, customizing, and operating Dynamics to serve your organization’s unique needs. He illuminates Microsoft’s renewed focus on services, via the Interactive Service Hub (ISH) and advanced...

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Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow and Process Builder, 2nd Edition

Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow and Process Builder, 2nd Edition ebook download

Click your way to automating various business processes using Salesforce Visual WorkflowAbout This BookDevelop an application using Point and Click with the help of FlowGet to grips with various ways to launch a FlowCapture data from an external user without using the Visualforce pageSave user input into the database, and learn how to query and manipulate the dataDiscover various ways to debug and deploy Flow and Process BuilderUnderstand the concepts of Subflow and Login FlowHandle complex...

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