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Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement

Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement ebook download

How to implement social technology in business, spur collaborative innovation and drive winning programs to improve products, services, and long-term profits and growth. The road to social media marketing is now well paved: A July 2009 Anderson Analytics study found 60% of the Internet population uses social networks and social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Collaboration and innovation, driven by social technology, are “what’s next.” Written by the author...

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The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook

The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook ebook download

Photography is a wonderful and rewarding hobby for millions of people. However, for a photographer's work to really stand out, he or she needs two skills: creativity and technical know-how. The former is more difficult to learn and is largely based on talent and experience. The latter is less an art than a craft and can be learned to perfection. The work that follows the capture of a photographic image - the workflow in the digital darkroom - has a significant effect on the quality of the final...

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Cengage Advantage Books: Essentials of Public Speaking, 5th Edition

Cengage Advantage Books: Essentials of Public Speaking, 5th Edition ebook download

Packed with sample speeches illustrating what to do, as well as plenty of examples detailing what not to do this value-priced public speaking text equips you with the essential skills and theories needed to become an effective public speaker. ESSENTIALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING delivers abundant practical advice and also offers intriguing discussions on the role of ethics in public speaking as well as up-to-date coverage on effectively using technology in speech development and delivery. A strong...

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Mobile Web Design For Dummies

Mobile Web Design For Dummies ebook download

The perfect place to learn how to design Web sites for mobile devices! With the popularity of Internet access via cell phones and other mobile devices, Web designers now have to consider as many as eight operating systems, several browsers, and a slew of new devices as they plan a new site, a new interface, or a new sub-site. This easy-to-follow friendly book guides you through this brave new world with a clear look at the fundamentals and offers practical techniques and tricks you may not have...

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QuickBooks 2011 For Dummies, 18th Edition

QuickBooks 2011 For Dummies, 18th Edition ebook download

Bestselling author Stephen Nelson returns with big help for small businesses Offering expert advice, bestselling author Stephen Nelson returns with updated coverage of the latest revisions and enhancements to the leading small business accounting software package: QuickBooks. After a quick review of bookkeeping basics, you’ll discover how QuickBooks can help you build the perfect budget, process payroll, simplify your tax return prep work, create invoices, manage inventory, generate...

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Stained Glass For Dummies

Stained Glass For Dummies ebook download

Discover the artist within and create beautiful stained glass Beautiful stained glass isn't reserved solely for church windows-it can be used to create intricate patterns in home windows, decorate cabinet doors, patio doors, ceilings, skylights, mirrors, lighting fixtures, garden decorations, and much more. Stained Glass For Dummiesprovides all the information you need to express your creativity and spruce up your home with this timeless art. You'll get a full range of art glass instruction,...

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Best iPad Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders

Best iPad Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders ebook download

What really wows iPad fans is when their touchscreen does what's impossible on other gadgets: the finger-painting app that turns a cross-country flight into a moving art class, the mini music studio (two-dozen instruments strong, each with motion-induced warble effects), and the portable fireworks display that you sculpt by swiping. Problem is, with tens of thousands of apps available for your iPad, who knows what to download? You can try to sort through a gazillion customer reviews with a mix...

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2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews

2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews ebook download

'No managerial or administrative task is as universally dreaded as the performance review. Supervisors may know the points they need to get across, but putting them on paper is another matter. This book puts the right words at their fingertips, with ready-to-use phrases and words, action items, and descriptions that managers, supervisors, and HR professionals can use to evaluate performance, prepare development plans, and address performance problems. "2600 Phrases for Effective Performance...

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My Droid

My Droid ebook download

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Droid photos so that you can see exactly what to doHelp when you run into Droid problems or limitationsTips and Notes to help you get the most from any Droid model: Droid Incredible, Droid Eris, Droid X, Droid 2, or Droid 1 Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Droid working just the way you want. Learn how to:• Get started fast!• Make the most of Droid’s Android software and state-of-the-art hardware• Discover...

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2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals: Ready-to-Use Phrases That Really Get Results

2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals: Ready-to-Use Phrases That Really Get Results ebook download

As a manager, you aren't truly successful unless your employees are as well. Helping them establish compelling, actionable performance goals is the first and most important step, and "2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals" is there to lend a hand. A natural follow-up to the bestselling "2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews", this quick-reference guide provides readers with ready-to-use performance goals organized by the characteristics and core competencies used most...

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The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change

The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change ebook download

The Networked Nonprofit Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change This groundbreaking book shows nonprofits a new way of operating in our increasingly connected world: a networked approach enabled by social technologies, where connections are leveraged to increase impact in effective ways that drive change for the betterment of our society and planet. "The Networked Nonprofit is a must-read for any nonprofit organization seeking innovative, creative techniques to improve their mission and...

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Wedding Videography Start to Finish

Wedding Videography Start to Finish ebook download

Wedding production is unique in that every shot must be obtained in a single take, as in documentary filmmaking, but the client expects the finished product to look like a feature film, with perfect capture of every moment. Getting good-looking footage, while fighting problems such as loud settings, uncontrollable light and rapid scene changes, make wedding videography very challenging compared to other types of filmmaking. "Wedding Videography: Start to Finish" is the first technical guide...

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Capturing Better Photos and Video with your iPhone

Capturing Better Photos and Video with your iPhone ebook download

Offers unique advice for taking great photos and videos with your iPod or iPhone! Packed with unique advice, tips, and tricks, this one-of-a-kind, full-color reference presents step-by-step guidance for taking the best possible quality photos and videos using your iPod or iPhone. Top This unique book walks you through everything from composing a picture, making minor edits, and posting content to using apps to create more dynamic images. You’ll quickly put to use this up-to-date coverage...

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Communication Skills For Dummies

Communication Skills For Dummies ebook download

The key to perfecting your communication strategy Great communication skills can make all the difference in your personal and professional life, and expert author Elizabeth Kuhnke shares with you her top tips for successful communication in any situation. Packed with advice on active listening, building rapport with people, verbal and non-verbal communication, communicating using modern technology, and lots more, Communication Skills For Dummies is a comprehensive communication resource no...

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Fundamentals of ActionScript 3.0: Develop and Design

Fundamentals of ActionScript 3.0: Develop and Design ebook download

Adobe Flash Professional is the most popular software available for creating animations for the Web. Most people start using Flash to create vector-based animations that output small file sizes perfect for the Web. Later they want to branch out into creating rich interactive experiences for websites and mobile devices, and for that they need to learn ActionScript.Doug Winnie draws on the experience he’s gained from his years as an educator to teach not only what ActionScript can do, but...

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Mac OS X Lion Pocket Guide

Mac OS X Lion Pocket Guide ebook download

The Mac OS X Lion Pocket Guide is an indispensable quick reference guide that is packed with bite-sized chunks of practical information for people who want to jump in and start working and playing with OS X Lion. The attractive price and accessible content make this the perfect learning companion and reference guide. Written by Mac expert Jeff Carlson, this essential guide features snappy writing, eye-catching graphics, and an elegant design that walks readers through the most common OS X Lion...

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Japanese For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Japanese For Dummies, 2nd Edition ebook download

Learn to speak Japanese—the fast and easy way Japanese is the gateway to the rich culture of the exciting and complex island nation of Japan. Some people get intimidated by the prospect of speaking Japanese—worried that it's just too complex and different—but these fears are unfounded. While you can devote a lifetime to the study of this or any language, picking up the basics of Japanese doesn't require any more than an interest and a willingness to try something new. Japanese For Dummies has...

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Lighting Digital Field Guide

Lighting Digital Field Guide ebook download

Essential lighting guide for users of compact cameras and dSLRs One of the most important aspects of photography is lighting, but getting the lighting right is tricky.  When should you use flash? Are a camera’s automatic settings dependable? Should you use reflectors or diffusers and where do you place them? This handy, portable reference will show you when, where, and how to create and capture perfect light, every time. The book includes a color checker card to help you maintain true...

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Office for Mac 2011 Portable Genius

Office for Mac 2011 Portable Genius ebook download

A savvy guide to Office 2011 for Mac users Mac users, you don’t have to give up one ounce of cool to use Office 2011 on your Mac. Here’s the hip guide you need to get the most out of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Get started with Office 2011, find out what features are shared between apps, and start creating stylish Word docs, lively PowerPoint presentations, awesome Excel reports, and totally organized Outlook lists and calendars. And you’ll love the portable...

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Grammar: 1,001 Practice Questions For Dummies

Grammar: 1,001 Practice Questions For Dummies ebook download

Practice makes perfect - and helps deepen your understanding of English grammar Establishing good grammar habits will set you up for success. From English class to writing your college essay, from cooperate communications, to updating your social media sites, good grammar is essential and now you have 1,001 ways to deepen your understanding and practice your skills. 1,001 Grammar Practice Problems For Dummies takes you beyond the instruction offered in a typical English grammar course and...

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Signals and Systems for Bioengineers, 2nd Edition: A MATLAB-Based Introduction

Signals and Systems for Bioengineers, 2nd Edition: A MATLAB-Based Introduction ebook download

This book guides the reader through the electrical engineering principles that can be applied to biological systems and are therefore important to biomedical studies. The basic engineering concepts that underlie biomedical systems, medical devices, biocontrol, and biosignal analysis are explained in detail. This textbook is perfect for the one-semester bioengineering course usually offered in conjunction with a laboratory on signals and measurements which presents the fundamentals of systems...

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21 Recipes for Mining Twitter

21 Recipes for Mining Twitter ebook download

Millions of public Twitter streams harbor a wealth of data, and once you mine them, you can gain some valuable insights. This short and concise book offers a collection of recipes to help you extract nuggets of Twitter information using easy-to-learn Python tools. Each recipe offers a discussion of how and why the solution works, so you can quickly adapt it to fit your particular needs. The recipes include techniques to:Use OAuth to access Twitter dataCreate and analyze graphs of retweet...

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Focus On Adobe Photoshop: Focus on the Fundamentals

Focus On Adobe Photoshop: Focus on the Fundamentals ebook download

This no-nonsense, highly affordable, and inspiring guide walks photographers new to Photoshop through the end to end Photoshop workflow. Starting from the moment you download your images off your memory card, photographer Corey Hilz guides you through importing and organizing your photos in Bridge, demonstrating how to give each photo ratings and keywords to make searching through your photos a snap. He then details the basics of editing photos in both Camera Raw and Photoshop, including how to...

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Picture Yourself Learning Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X4, 3rd Edition

Picture Yourself Learning Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X4, 3rd Edition ebook download

Harness the power of PaintShop Photo Pro X4 and discover all the fun and practical techniques that can be used to perfect photographs and create dynamic graphic elements. PICTURE YOURSELF LEARNING COREL PAINTSHOP PHOTO PRO X4 introduces the tools needed to correct and enhance photographs, beginning with the basics of working with toolbars, palettes, and rulers, and setting up your PaintShop Photo Pro X4 preferences. Once acquainted with the basic tools, readers will learn how to use layers to...

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Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad 2

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad 2 ebook download

See your iPad 2 in a whole new way! As the amazing iPad continues to evolve, so does this feature-rich book. As, colorful, and accessible as your new iPad 2, this book is the iPad's perfect companion. Open it and find over a hundred tasks succinctly explained using easy-to-follow, side-by-side, full-color screenshots. Want to download books or apps or videos? Send photos or emails? Sync with your other devices? Learn how and much more in this practical, visual guide.Helps you get the most out...

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AutoCAD 2011 For Dummies

AutoCAD 2011 For Dummies ebook download

A great way to get up and running fast with AutoCAD "X"! If you're just learning AutoCAD, this friendly, For Dummies guide is perfect for you. You’ll get up to speed on all the basics and start creating 2D and 3D technical drawings sooner than you might imagine. Learn how to create a basic drawing, use AutoCAD Design Center, edit your drawings, work with dimensions, add text, and much more. The book is straightforward, easy to follow, and includes practical tips and notes that demystify...

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The Non-Designer`s InDesign Book

The Non-Designer`s InDesign Book ebook download

Many designers and photographers own the entire suite of Adobe’s creative products, but they manage to learn only one or two of the applications really well. If Adobe InDesign is the one app in the suite that makes you feel like you’re entering a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, Robin Williams provides the perfect travel guide and translator in this new edition to the best-selling Non-Designer’s series.This fun, straight-forward, four-color book...

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Understanding Digital Signal Processing, 3rd Edition

Understanding Digital Signal Processing, 3rd Edition ebook download’s Top-Selling DSP Book for Seven Straight Years—Now Fully Updated! Understanding Digital Signal Processing, Third Edition, is quite simply the best resource for engineers and other technical professionals who want to master and apply today’s latest DSP techniques. Richard G. Lyons has updated and expanded his best-selling second edition to reflect the newest technologies, building on the exceptionally readable coverage that made it the favorite of DSP professionals...

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Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Lion Server Essentials

Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Lion Server Essentials ebook download

The only Apple-certified book on OS X Lion Server, this comprehensive reference takes support technicians and ardent Mac users deep inside this server operating system, covering everything from networking technologies to service administration, customizing users and groups, and more. Aligned to the learning objectives of the Apple Certified Technical Coordinator certification exam, the lessons in this self-paced volume serves as a perfect supplement to Apple’s own training class and a...

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MongoDB in Action

MongoDB in Action ebook download

Summary MongoDB in Action is a comprehensive guide to MongoDB for application developers. The book begins by explaining what makes MongoDB unique and describing its ideal use cases. A series of tutorials designed for MongoDB mastery then leads into detailed examples for leveraging MongoDB in e-commerce, social networking, analytics, and other common applications. About the Technology Big data can mean big headaches. MongoDB is a document-oriented database designed to be flexible, scalable, and...

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iPad Application Development For Dummies, 2nd Edition

iPad Application Development For Dummies, 2nd Edition ebook download

Create apps for the hottest device on the market — the iPad! iPad application development is the new gold rush — iPad sales are booming and new apps are arriving daily. Whether you’re a serious programmer new to the iPad or a beginner who wants to get started in app development, this easy-to-follow guide will help you join the party. It begins with the basics about the SDK and becoming a registered Apple developer, looks at how an iPad application runs, and takes you through actually...

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Smashing Photoshop CS5: 100 Professional Techniques

Smashing Photoshop CS5: 100 Professional Techniques ebook download

EXPAND YOUR IMAGINATION Smashing Photoshop CS5 is loaded with 100 creative and innovative techniques to help jump-start your creativity and inspire you to do more with your designs and photographs. This book is aimed at designers, artists and photographers who want to become proficient in Photoshop CS5, getting you quickly up to speed with many of the fantastic new tools and features. Author Sue Jenkins is a photographer and web and graphic designer, author, software instructor and Adobe...

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Manage Your IT for Profit

Manage Your IT for Profit ebook download

Tailored specifically for the the small business owner or manager, this is a guide to help those those who manage what they do not understand!Written with humor and sound practicality, this guide is intended for the business owners and managers who need to understand the implications of technology in their business and to know how to utilize the information it provides to their maximum advantage and profit. It lessens the risk of your having the wool pulled over one's eyes and reduces the fear...

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English The Language of Love

English The Language of Love ebook download

Falling in love is easy, if you meet the right person…
But what if Mr or Ms Right doesn’t speak your language?
From asking someone out and going on a date
To falling in love, romance and more
This book gives you all the English you need to speak the Language of LoveTable of ContentsEnglish The Language of Love
About the book
To J and S
About us
Meeting Mr or Ms Right
Asking someone out
Going on a date
Describing you
Getting to...

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Map Scripting 101: An Example-Driven Guide to Building Interactive Maps with Bing, Yahoo!, and Google Maps

Map Scripting 101: An Example-Driven Guide to Building Interactive Maps with Bing, Yahoo!, and Google Maps ebook download

Websites like MapQuest and Google Maps have transformed the way we think about maps. But these services do more than offer driving directions—they provide APIs that web developers can use to build highly customized map-based applications. In Map Scripting 101, author Adam DuVander delivers 73 immediately useful scripts that will show you how to create interactive maps and mashups. You'll build tools like a local concert tracker, a real-time weather map, a Twitter friend-finder, an annotated map...

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Surviving Orbit the DIY Way: Testing the Limits Your Satellite Can and Must Match

Surviving Orbit the DIY Way: Testing the Limits Your Satellite Can and Must Match ebook download

Is your picosatellite ready for launch? Can it withstand rocket thrusts and the vacuum of space? This do-it-yourself guide helps you conduct a series of hands-on tests designed to check your satellite’s readiness. Learn precisely what the craft and its electronic components must endure if they’re to function properly in Low Earth Orbit. The perfect follow-up to DIY Satellite Platforms (our primer for designing and building a picosatellite), this book also provides an overview of...

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Managing Software Debt: Building for Inevitable Change

Managing Software Debt: Building for Inevitable Change ebook download

Shipping imperfect software is like going into debt. When you incur debt, the illusion of doing things faster can lead to exponential growth in the cost of maintaining software. Software debt takes five major forms: technical, quality, configuration management, design, and platform experience. In today’s rush to market, software debt is inevitable. And that’s okay—if you’re careful about the debt you incur, and if you quickly pay it back.In Managing Software Debt, leading...

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Microsoft Office 2010 Digital Classroom

Microsoft Office 2010 Digital Classroom ebook download

The complete book-and-video training package for Office 2010! This Microsoft Office 2010 book-and-video training package-from the same professional training experts who also create many training materials for Microsoft-is like having your own personal instructor guiding you through each lesson, but you work at your own pace! The full-color book includes 27 lessons that teach you the new features and quirks of Microsoft Office 2010. Each lesson includes step-by-step instructions and lesson...

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OpenCL in Action: How to Accelerate Graphics and Computations

OpenCL in Action: How to Accelerate Graphics and Computations ebook download

Summary OpenCL in Action is a thorough, hands-on presentation of OpenCL, with an eye toward showing developers how to build high-performance applications of their own. It begins by presenting the core concepts behind OpenCL, including vector computing, parallel programming, and multi-threaded operations, and then guides you step-by-step from simple data structures to complex functions. About the Technology Whatever system you have, it probably has more raw processing power than you're using....

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Canning and Preserving For Dummies

Canning and Preserving For Dummies ebook download

Everything you need to know to can and preserve your own food With the cost of living continuing to rise, more and more people are saving money and eating healthier by canning and preserving food at home. This easy-to-follow guide is perfect for you if you want to learn how to can and preserve your own food, as well as if you're an experienced canner and preserver looking to expand your repertoire with the great new and updated recipes contained in this book. Inside you'll find clear, hands-on...

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