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A First Course in the Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations, 2nd Edition

A First Course in the Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations, 2nd Edition ebook download

Numerical analysis presents different faces to the world. For mathematicians it is a bona fide mathematical theory with an applicable flavour. For scientists and engineers it is a practical, applied subject, part of the standard repertoire of modelling techniques. For computer scientists it is a theory on the interplay of computer architecture and algorithms for real-number calculations. The tension between these standpoints is the driving force of this book, which presents a rigorous account...

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Sinatra: Up and Running

Sinatra: Up and Running ebook download

Take advantage of Sinatra, the Ruby-based web application library and domain-specific language used by GitHub, LinkedIn, Engine Yard, and other prominent organizations. With this concise book, you will quickly gain working knowledge of Sinatra and its minimalist approach to building both standalone and modular web applications.Sinatra serves as a lightweight wrapper around Rack middleware, with syntax that maps closely to functions exposed by HTTP verbs, which makes it ideal for web services...

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Agile in a Flash: Speed-Learning Agile Software Development

Agile in a Flash: Speed-Learning Agile Software Development ebook download

This comprehensive set of cards is an indispensable resource for agile teams. The deck of Agile in a Flash cards teaches leadership, teamwork, clean programming, agile approaches to problem solving, and tips for coaching agile teams. Team members can use the cards as reference material, ice breakers for conversations, reminders (taped to a wall or monitor), and sources of useful tips and hard-won wisdom. The cards are: Bite-sized! Read one practice or aspect at a time in a couple of minutes....

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Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems Analysis

Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems Analysis ebook download

Discrete mathematics is fundamental to computer science, and this up-to-date text assists undergraduates in mastering the ideas and mathematical language to address problems that arise in the field's many applications. It consists of 4 units of study: counting and listing, functions, decision trees and recursion, and basic concepts of graph theory. Title: Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems AnalysisAuthor: Edward A. Bender, Mathematics, S. Gill Williamson Length: 256 pages Edition: 1...

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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, 2nd Edition

Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, 2nd Edition ebook download

If you want to learn the fundamentals of programming, don't get bogged down with pages of technical jargon that most books on the market offer! No previous Visual Studio experience required for CLEARLY VISUAL BASIC: PROGRAMMING WITH MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 2010, 2E by the best-selling author, Diane Zak. This innovative text is designed for a first course in programming teaching the basics through visualization and application. Using the most recent version of the software, Visual Basic 2010,...

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Random Matrix Methods for Wireless Communications

Random Matrix Methods for Wireless Communications ebook download

Blending theoretical results with practical applications, this book provides an introduction to random matrix theory and shows how it can be used to tackle a variety of problems in wireless communications. The Stieltjes transform method, free probability theory, combinatoric approaches, deterministic equivalents and spectral analysis methods for statistical inference are all covered from a unique engineering perspective. Detailed mathematical derivations are presented throughout, with thorough...

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Statistical Analysis: Microsoft Excel 2010

Statistical Analysis: Microsoft Excel 2010 ebook download

Statistical Analysis: Microsoft Excel 2010 “Excel has become the standard platform for quantitative analysis. Carlberg has become a world-class guide for Excel users wanting to do quantitative analysis. The combination makes Statistical Analysis: Microsoft Excel 2010 a must-have addition to the library of those who want to get the job done and done right.” —Gene V Glass, Regents’ Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University Use Excel 2010’s statistical tools to transform...

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TIBCO Architecture Fundamentals

TIBCO Architecture Fundamentals ebook download

“TIBCO® Architecture Fundamentals is a must-read for anybody involved with the architecture and design of distributed systems, system integration issues, or service-based application design.” —Bert Hooyman, Chief Architect, Europe, for MphasiS (an HP Company) “I would like all the folks on my team to read this, to ensure we are all on the same page with the deliverables that are expected from architecture teams involved in global projects and the role that the TIBCO tools play...

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Focus On Adobe Photoshop: Focus on the Fundamentals

Focus On Adobe Photoshop: Focus on the Fundamentals ebook download

This no-nonsense, highly affordable, and inspiring guide walks photographers new to Photoshop through the end to end Photoshop workflow. Starting from the moment you download your images off your memory card, photographer Corey Hilz guides you through importing and organizing your photos in Bridge, demonstrating how to give each photo ratings and keywords to make searching through your photos a snap. He then details the basics of editing photos in both Camera Raw and Photoshop, including how to...

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Coordinated Multi-Point in Mobile Communications: From Theory to Practice

Coordinated Multi-Point in Mobile Communications: From Theory to Practice ebook download

A self-contained guide to coordinated multi-point (CoMP), this comprehensive book covers everything from theoretical basics to practical implementation. Addressing a wide range of topics, it highlights the potential gains of CoMP, the fundamental degrees of freedom involved and the key challenges of using CoMP in practice. The editors and contributors bring unique real-world experience from running the world's first and largest test beds for LTE-Advanced, and recent field trial results from...

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Implementing Models of Financial Derivatives: Object Oriented Applications with VBA

Implementing Models of Financial Derivatives: Object Oriented Applications with VBA ebook download

Implementing Models of Financial Derivativesis a comprehensive treatment of advanced implementation techniques in VBA for models of financial derivatives. Aimed at readers who are already familiar with the basics of VBA it emphasizes a fully object oriented approach to valuation applications, chiefly in the context of Monte Carlo simulation but also more broadly for lattice and PDE methods. Its unique approach to valuation, emphasizing effective implementation from both the numerical and the...

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Greedy Approximation

Greedy Approximation ebook download

This first book on greedy approximation gives a systematic presentation of the fundamental results. It also contains an introduction to two hot topics in numerical mathematics: learning theory and compressed sensing. Nonlinear approximation is becoming increasingly important, especially since two types are frequently employed in applications: adaptive methods are used in PDE solvers, while m-term approximation is used in image/signal/data processing, as well as in the design of neural networks....

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The Tangled Web: A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications

The Tangled Web: A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications ebook download

"Thorough and comprehensive coverage from one of the foremost experts in browser security."
--Tavis Ormandy, Google Inc.Modern web applications are built on a tangle of technologies that have been developed over time and then haphazardly pieced together. Every piece of the web application stack, from HTTP requests to browser-side scripts, comes with important yet subtle security consequences. To keep users safe, it is essential for developers to confidently navigate this landscape. In The...

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Algorithms, 4th Edition

Algorithms, 4th Edition ebook download

Essential Information about Algorithms and Data Structures A Classic Reference The latest version of Sedgewick’s best-selling series, reflecting an indispensable body of knowledge developed over the past several decades. Broad Coverage Full treatment of data structures and algorithms for sorting, searching, graph processing, and string processing, including fifty algorithms every programmer should know. See Completely Revised Code New Java implementations...

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Clarity PPM Fundamentals

Clarity PPM Fundamentals ebook download

Clarity PPM Fundamentals provides an overview of CA Technologies' flagship Clarity PPM (short for project portfolio management). The book is organized by the Clarity modules independently, making it ideal for users whose needs are often defined by their current working module. It provides industry best practices for utilizing the Clarity product. With just a basic understanding of project management, you'll be able to understand all this book has to offer, from user to system...

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Lessons in Project Management, 2nd Edition

Lessons in Project Management, 2nd Edition ebook download

Most of the project management books on the market are basically textbooks. They are dry to begin with, and don't focus on the practical advice that most people need to run their projects. Lessons in Project Management, Second Edition does not assume that you are a project manager building a nuclear reactor or sending a man to the moon. Instead, it focuses on the millions of people who manage normal, medium-to-large projects on an ongoing basis. Each case study in Lessons in Project Management...

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Arduino Cookbook

Arduino Cookbook ebook download

Create your own toys, remote controllers, alarms, detectors, robots, and many other projects with the Arduino device. This simple microcontroller board lets artists and designers build a variety of amazing objects and prototypes that interact with the physical world. With this cookbook you can dive right in and experiment with more than a hundred tips and techniques, no matter what your skill level is. The recipes in this book provide solutions for most common problems and questions Arduino...

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Asterisk Cookbook

Asterisk Cookbook ebook download

Asterisk has a wealth of features to help you customize your PBX to fill very specific business needs. This short cookbook offers recipes for tackling dialplan fundamentals, making and controlling calls, and monitoring channels in your PBX environment. Each recipe includes a simple code solution you can put to work immediately, along with a detailed discussion that offers insight into why and how the recipe works. This book focuses on Asterisk 1.8, although many of the conventions and...

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Citrix XenDesktop Implementation: A Practical Guide for IT Professionals

Citrix XenDesktop Implementation: A Practical Guide for IT Professionals ebook download

Finally, a book to guide you through the tasks of implementing XenDesktop for your company. Citrix XenDesktop Implementation is aimed to specifically address how to implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution using Citrix XenDesktop. Experience with Citrix XenApp technologies is certainly beneficial, but not required. Aspects covered by this book include; Profile Virtualization, Application Virtualization, Disk Virtualization, Hypervisor integration, and lastly the Virtual Desktop...

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Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content

Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content ebook download

Results. Everyone wants them, whether to sell more products, spread good ideas, or win more funding. In our busy digital world, the way to results is influencing people on the web. But how? An ad campaign won't cut it. A Twitter account doesn't guarantee it. Manipulative tricks will backfire. Instead, you need quality, compelling web content that attracts people and engages them for the long haul. Cloutexplains the key principles of influence and how to apply them to web content. Along the way,...

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Cognitive Radio Networking and Security: A Game-Theoretic View

Cognitive Radio Networking and Security: A Game-Theoretic View ebook download

With the rapid growth of new wireless devices and applications over the past decade, the demand for wireless radio spectrum is increasing relentlessly. The development of cognitive radio networking provides a framework for making the best possible use of limited spectrum resources, and it is revolutionising the telecommunications industry. This book presents the fundamentals of designing, implementing, and deploying cognitive radio communication and networking systems. Uniquely, it focuses on...

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Apple Pro Training Series: Motion 5

Apple Pro Training Series: Motion 5 ebook download

In this best-selling guide to Motion 5, you’ll learn to create sophisticated projects using Motion’s newest features. Master trainer Mark Spencer starts with the fundamentals of motion graphics and quickly moves into compositing, animation, motion graphics design, visual effects design, and the world of 3D. The book is fully revised to take advantage of the software’s new features. Whether you’re just entering the field or are already an accomplished motion graphics pro,...

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Software Abstractions: Logic, Language, and Analysis

Software Abstractions: Logic, Language, and Analysis ebook download

In Software Abstractions Daniel Jackson introduces an approach to software design that draws on traditional formal methods but exploits automated tools to find flaws as early as possible. This approach--which Jackson calls "lightweight formal methods" or "agile modeling"--takes from formal specification the idea of a precise and expressive notation based on a tiny core of simple and robust concepts but replaces conventional analysis based on theorem proving with a fully automated analysis that...

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Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware

Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware ebook download

This practical technical guide to embedded middleware implementation offers a coherent framework that guides readers through all the key concepts necessary to gain an understanding of this broad topic. Big picture theoretical discussion is integrated with down-to-earth advice on successful real-world use via step-by-step examples of each type of middleware implementation. Technically detailed case studies bring it all together, by providing insight into typical engineering situations readers...

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Successful Project Management, 3rd Edition

Successful Project Management, 3rd Edition ebook download

Successful Project Management, Third Edition, covers the fundamentals of project management, focusing on practical skills you can apply immediately to complete projects on time, on budget, and on target! This book teaches you how to use proven strategies in large or small projects to clarify the objectives, avoid serious errors of omission, and eliminate costly mistakes. Gain the skills to: • Set measurable project objectives and create a practical plan to achieve them. • Manage the time, cost,...

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English Brushup, 5th Edition

English Brushup, 5th Edition ebook download

The fifth edition of English Brushup offers your student a brief and inexpensive guide to the grammar, punctuation, and usage skills they need most. The latest edition of English Brushup offers expanded coverage of Parts of Speech. This section has now been moved to the front of the text to aid students in reviewing the basics.Table of ContentsPART ONE: SIXTEEN BASIC SKILLS
Chapter 1: Subjects and Verbs
Chapter 2: More about Verbs
Chapter 3: Subject-Verb Agreement
Chapter 4:...

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Essential Project Management Skills

Essential Project Management Skills ebook download

In today’s business world, project managers not only have to be diligent in project planning and execution, but also need to have skills in persuasion, communication, and relationship management. Reflecting the changing landscape of projects today, Essential Project Management Skills empowers project managers to master the skills necessary to succeed in the current environment. Real case studies clarify concepts Divided into four sections by chapter and enhanced with tables and diagrams,...

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Fourier Analysis: An Introduction (Princeton Lectures in Analysis, Book 1)

Fourier Analysis: An Introduction (Princeton Lectures in Analysis, Book 1) ebook download

This first volume, a three-part introduction to the subject, is intended for students with a beginning knowledge of mathematical analysis who are motivated to discover the ideas that shape Fourier analysis. It begins with the simple conviction that Fourier arrived at in the early nineteenth century when studying problems in the physical sciences--that an arbitrary function can be written as an infinite sum of the most basic trigonometric functions. The first part implements this idea in terms...

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Algorithms in C++ Part 5: Graph Algorithms, 3rd Edition

Algorithms in C++ Part 5: Graph Algorithms, 3rd Edition ebook download

Graph algorithms are critical for a wide range of applications, including network connectivity, circuit design, scheduling, transaction processing, and resource allocation. The latest in Robert Sedgewick's classic series on algorithms, this is the field's definitive guide to graph algorithms for C++. Far more than a "revision," this is a thorough rewriting, five times as long as the previous edition, with a new text design, innovative new figures, more detailed descriptions, and many new...

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Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation, 2nd Edition

Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation, 2nd Edition ebook download

The power of today's motion capture technology has taken animated characters and special effects to amazing new levels of reality. And with the release of blockbusters like Avatar and Tin-Tin, audiences continually expect more from each new release. To live up to these expectations, film and game makers, particularly technical animators and directors, need to be at the forefront of motion capture technology. In this extensively updated edition of Understanding Motion Capture for Computer...

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Photoshop Elements: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Photoshop Elements: From Snapshots to Great Shots ebook download

Now that you've bought that new DSLR and taken some amazing shots, you need a simple guide for processing and enhancing those great images. For photographers using Photoshop Elements (including the brand new Elements 10), this book by pro photographer Jeff Revell will help you conquer the fundamentals of downloading, editing, and enhancing their work to create stunning hang-on-the-wall images. Revell starts with the basics–from importing images, handling Camera Raw files, making basic fixes and...

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C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design, 3rd Edition

C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design, 3rd Edition ebook download

C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design has been thoroughly revised for Visual Studio 2010. As in previous editions of the text Doyle introduces a variety of basic programming concepts, from data types and expressions to arrays and collections - all using C# as the programming language. Every chapter begins with an identification of objectives and ends with a case study solidifying concepts presented in the chapter. New to this edition, each chapter ends with a new "Coding...

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Game Coding Complete, 3rd Edition

Game Coding Complete, 3rd Edition ebook download

Welcome to "Game Coding Complete, Third Edition," the newest edition of the essential, hands-on guide to developing commercial-quality games. Written by a veteran game programmer, the book examines the entire game development process and all the unique challenges associated with creating a game. An excellent introduction to game architecture, you'll explore all the major subsystems of modern game engines and learn professional techniques used in actual games. This third edition features...

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Financial Modelling in Python

Financial Modelling in Python ebook download

"Fletcher and Gardner have created a comprehensive resource that will be of interest not only to those working in the field of finance, but also to those using numerical methods in other fields such as engineering, physics, and actuarial mathematics. By showing how to combine the high-level elegance, accessibility, and flexibility of Python, with the low-level computational efficiency of C++, in the context of interesting financial modeling problems, they have provided an implementation...

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Handbook of Mathematical Methods in Imaging

Handbook of Mathematical Methods in Imaging ebook download

The Handbook of Mathematical Methods in Imaging provides a comprehensive treatment of the mathematical techniques used in imaging science. The material is grouped into two central themes, namely, Inverse Problems (Algorithmic Reconstruction) and Signal and Image Processing. Each section within the themes covers applications (modeling), mathematics, numerical methods (using a case example) and open questions. Written by experts in the area, the presentation is mathematically rigorous. The...

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SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse: Administration and Monitoring

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse: Administration and Monitoring ebook download

This book offers a complete understanding of all administration tasks that arise in a live SAP NetWeaver BW system and provides guidance on ways to solve any problems that might occur. Coverage includes all topics relevant to administration and monitoring of SAP NetWeaver BW, including basic principles, tasks, analysis, and troubleshooting. Basic Principles
Understand the basic principles and technology components necessary for administering and monitoring SAP NetWeaver BW. Platform...

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Software Testing: An ISTQB-ISEB Foundation Guide

Software Testing: An ISTQB-ISEB Foundation Guide ebook download

This practical guide provides insight into software testing, explaining the basic steps of the process and how to perform effective tests. It provides an overview of different techniques, both dynamic and static. The book is ideal for those with a little experience of software testing who wish to cement their knowledge with industry-recognised techniques and theory. It supports the revised ISTQB - ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing providing self assessment exercises, guidance...

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Complex Analysis (Princeton Lectures in Analysis, Book 2)

Complex Analysis (Princeton Lectures in Analysis, Book 2) ebook download

With this second volume, we enter the intriguing world of complex analysis. From the first theorems on, the elegance and sweep of the results is evident. The starting point is the simple idea of extending a function initially given for real values of the argument to one that is defined when the argument is complex. From there, one proceeds to the main properties of holomorphic functions, whose proofs are generally short and quite illuminating: the Cauchy theorems, residues, analytic...

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Functional Analysis: Introduction to Further Topics in Analysis (Princeton Lectures in Analysis, Book 4)

Functional Analysis: Introduction to Further Topics in Analysis (Princeton Lectures in Analysis, Book 4) ebook download

This is the fourth and final volume in the Princeton Lectures in Analysis, a series of textbooks that aim to present, in an integrated manner, the core areas of analysis. Beginning with the basic facts of functional analysis, this volume looks at Banach spaces, Lp spaces, and distribution theory, and highlights their roles in harmonic analysis. The authors then use the Baire category theorem to illustrate several points, including the existence of Besicovitch sets. The second half of the book...

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Linked data: Evolving the Web into a GlobalData Space

Linked data: Evolving the Web into a GlobalData Space ebook download

The World Wide Web has enabled the creation of a global information space comprising linked documents. As the Web becomes ever more enmeshed with our daily lives, there is a growing desire for direct access to raw data not currently available on the Web or bound up in hypertext documents. Linked Data provides a publishing paradigm in which not only documents, but also data, can be a first class citizen of the Web, thereby enabling the extension of the Web with a global data space based on open...

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