The Economics of Commodity Markets

The Economics of Commodity Markets ebook download

The Economics of Commodity Markets (The Wiley Finance Series) As commodity markets have continued their expansion an extensive and complex financial industry has developed to service them. This industry includes hundreds of participating firms, including asset managers, brokers, consultants, verification agencies and a myriad of other institutions. Universities and other training institutions have responded to this rapid expansion of commodity markets as well as their substantial future growth...

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Plan Your Financial Future

Plan Your Financial Future ebook download

Plan Your Financial Future: A Comprehensive Guidebook to Growing Your Net Worth Implementing a financial plan to manage the future is very important. If you have not assembled such a plan, or even if you have not thought about how best to manage your financial future, the time to do so is now, and the resource you need to walk you through every step of the personal financial planning process is Plan Your Financial Future. Regardless of whether you are a recent college graduate or have spent the...

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Plan to Turn Your Company Around in 90 Days

Plan to Turn Your Company Around in 90 Days ebook download

Plan to Turn Your Company Around in 90 Days: How to Restore Positive Cash Flow and Profitability More than half of all businesses in the U.S. don’t make it to their fifth birthday, and nearly 70 percent are gone by year ten. How do businesses get into trouble? A hundred different ways. Poor cash flow, undercapitalization, lax financial controls, poor worker productivity, boneheaded mistakes, inefficient processes, failure to adapt, loss of enthusiasm . . . the list goes on and on. The...

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Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives, 8th Edition

Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives, 8th Edition ebook download

Bridge the gap between theory and practice. Designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, this introductory text on the futures and options markets is ideal for those with a limited background in mathematics. The eighth edition has been updated and improved–featuring a new chapter on securitization and the credit crisis, and increased discussion on the way commodity prices are modeled and commodity derivatives valued.Table of ContentsChapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Mechanics of...

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Location-Based Management for Construction

Location-Based Management for Construction ebook download

Location-Based Management for Construction: Planning, Scheduling and Control (Spon Research) With extensive case studies for illustration, this is a practitioner's guide to an entirely new production system for construction management using flowline scheduling. Covering the entire process of presenting a comprehensive management system – from design, through measurement, scheduling, and visualization and control – its emphasis is on reducing cost and increasing quality. Drawing its components...

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Working the Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business, 2nd Edition

Working the Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business, 2nd Edition ebook download

Engaging with social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter is now a key part of global business communications. Blogs, microblogs, social networking and social news sites have become the new tools for effective marketing and sales. This book is an excellent resource for anyone planning a social media strategy or individual campaign. It includes: specific sites for various types of networking and engagement; blogs and microblogs; online presence and creating a social media brand; brand...

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Small Change: Why Business Won`t Save the World

Small Change: Why Business Won`t Save the World ebook download

A new movement is afoot that promises to save the world by applying the magic of the market to the challenges of social change. Its supporters argue that using business principles to solve global problems is far more effective than more traditional approaches. What could be wrong with that? Almost everything, argues former Ford Foundation director Michael Edwards. In this hard-hitting, controversial exposé, he marshals a wealth of evidence to reveal that in reality, a market approach hurts more...

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Expected Returns: An Investor`s Guide to Harvesting Market Rewards

Expected Returns: An Investor`s Guide to Harvesting Market Rewards ebook download

This comprehensive reference delivers a toolkit for harvesting market rewards from a wide range of investments. Written by a world-renowned industry expert, the reference discusses how to forecast returns under different parameters. Expected returns of major asset classes, investment strategies, and the effects of underlying risk factors such as growth, inflation, liquidity, and different risk perspectives, are also explained. Judging expected returns requires balancing historical returns with...

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High-Frequency Trading

High-Frequency Trading ebook download

High-Frequency Trading: A Practical Guide to Algorithmic Strategies and Trading Systems (Wiley Trading) A hands-on guide to the fast and ever-changing world of high-frequency, algorithmic trading Financial markets are undergoing rapid innovation due to the continuing proliferation of computer power and algorithms. These developments have created a new investment discipline called high-frequency trading. This book covers all aspects of high-frequency trading, from the business case and...

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Big Data, Big Analytics

Big Data, Big Analytics ebook download

Big Data, Big Analytics: Emerging Business Intelligence and Analytic Trends for Today's Businesses (Wiley CIO) Unique prospective on the big data analytics phenomenon for both business and IT professionals The availability of Big Data, low-cost commodity hardware and new information management and analytics software has produced a unique moment in the history of business. The convergence of these trends means that we have the capabilities required to analyze astonishing data sets quickly and...

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E-Finance: The Future is Here, 2nd Edition

E-Finance: The Future is Here, 2nd Edition ebook download

The Second Edition of E-Finance focuses on system improvements, marketing, customer services, security and legal remedies, amongst others. While issues like web design are briefly touched upon, the emphasis is on the integration of this new channel with the established brick-click model. The book surveys the spread of internet facilities and the use of mobile phones with internet connectivity; it takes a look at the economic basis for important decisions like pricing, price discrimination, and...

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Futures Made Simple, 9th Edition

Futures Made Simple, 9th Edition ebook download

The essential guide to trading futures, without all the fuss This uncomplicated guide for beginners proves that you don't have to be a financial wizard to successfully trade futures . . . and you don't have to hire a financial advisor to tell you what to do either. Instead, Futures Made Simple outlines the basic strategies that even novice investors can use to make money with futures. The book lays just what you need to know—what futures are, how the exchanges work, how to analyse the markets,...

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For What It`s Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker

For What It`s Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker ebook download

Businesses these days talk a lot about figuring out what the customer wants. Well, here’s your first lesson: the customer doesn’t know what he wants. This book is going to show you how to convince him he wants the thing you’re selling. Les Gold has been in business since age twelve, when he started selling used golf clubs from his dad’s basement. Now he owns Detroit’s biggest pawnshop, American Jewelry and Loan, and is the star of the hit reality TV show Hardcore...

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Health Analytics: Gaining the Insights to Transform Health Care

Health Analytics: Gaining the Insights to Transform Health Care ebook download

Health Analytics: Gaining the Insights to Transform Health Care (Wiley and SAS Business Series)
A hands-on, analytics road map for health industry leaders The industry-wide transformation taking place across the health and life sciences ecosystem is mandating that organizations adopt new decision-making capabilities, based on science and real-world information. Analytics will be a required competency for the modern health enterprise; this book is about how to "cross the chasm." The ultimate...

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Human Resource Management, 12th Edition

Human Resource Management, 12th Edition ebook download

Take the most current look at human resource management and its impact on the success of organizations today with the latest edition of HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT from Mathis/Jackson. Whether you are currently a practicing human resource management professional or plan to use HR knowledge in your career this comprehensive market-leading text has the information you need for ongoing professional success. This authoritative text offers a leading resource for preparation for professional HR...

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Human Resource Management, 13th Edition

Human Resource Management, 13th Edition ebook download

Trust the authoritative resource for human resource management to offer the most current look at HR and its impact on today's organizations with both new and thoroughly updated cases and today's most recent examples--90 percent of which are from 2006 and beyond. Mathis/Jackson's HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, Thirteenth Edition, is the most trusted resource and best-selling HR solution for preparing future or currently practicing HR professionals. Updated, strong academic coverage, including the...

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Relationship Marketing: Exploring Relational Strategies in Marketing, 4th Edition

Relationship Marketing: Exploring Relational Strategies in Marketing, 4th Edition ebook download

Relationship Marketing comprehensively examines relationships in marketing and how these influence modern marketing strategy and practice, by critically reviewing and analysing what has been described as 'marketing's new paradigm'. Established as the key text in the area, the fourth edition continues to offer an accessible and authoritative introduction to this increasingly important subject. It retains its informed coverage of the most recent and important literature, as well as clearly...

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Human Resource Management, 9th Edition

Human Resource Management, 9th Edition ebook download

This highly-readable, #1 best-selling HRM book on the market, provides a comprehensive review of personnel management concepts and practices. It focuses on the high-performance organization—building better, faster, more competitive organizations through HR; while continuing to offer practical applications that help all managers deal with their personnel-related responsibilities. A six-part presentation covers the strategic role of human resources, recruitment and placement, training and...

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The Fall and Rise of Keynesian Economics

The Fall and Rise of Keynesian Economics ebook download

During the 1970s, monetarism and the new classical macroeconomics ushered in an era of neoliberal economic policymaking. Keynesian economics was pushed aside. It was almost forgotten that when Keynesian thinking had dominated economic policymaking in the middle decades of the twentieth century, it had coincided with postwar economic reconstruction in both Europe and Japan, and the unprecedented prosperity and stable growth of the 1950s and 1960s. The global financial crisis of 2007-2009 and the...

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Modern Methods of Valuation, 11th Edition

Modern Methods of Valuation, 11th Edition ebook download

The new and improved eleventh edition of this essential valuation textbook reflects the changes in the property market since 2009, whilst presenting the tried and tested study of the principles governing the valuation of land, houses and buildings of the previous editions. The eleventh edition is fully up-to-date with latest guidelines, statutes and case law, including the implications of the latest RICS Red Book and the Localism Act. Its comprehensive coverage of the legal, economic and...

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Human Resource Management, 10th Edition

Human Resource Management, 10th Edition ebook download

This classic, readable book does the best job at covering the current issues within HRM, and provides a complete, comprehensive review of essential personnel management concepts and techniques. Considering the intensely competitive nature of business today, this book focuses on practical applications that all managers can use to deal with their HR-related responsibilities, while being able to defend their plans and contributions in measurable terms. A five-part format begins with an...

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Human Resource Management, 2nd Edition

Human Resource Management, 2nd Edition ebook download

As organizations take a more strategic approach to managing people, human resource managers need a resource that focuses on this approach. This second edition does just that. It integrates unique new features and revises the content to make concepts easier to understand and apply. Increased coverage of diversity and globalisation is included. Additional discussions reflect the current economic and business environment and how that is impacting a company’s HR strategies and practices. The...

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Contemporary Business, 14th Edition

Contemporary Business, 14th Edition ebook download

Contemporary Business 14th Edition gives students the business language they need to feel confident in taking the first steps toward becoming successful business majors and successful business people. With new integrated E-Business context throughout the text, it provides a new approach. Another addition is the "Green Business" boxes in every chapter to provide student's with more Green Business information. All of the information provided is put together in a format easy for all students to...

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Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis, 5th Edition

Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis, 5th Edition ebook download

Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis: A Practical Introduction to Management Science, Revised (Book Only)
Cliff Ragsdale is an innovator of the spreadsheet teaching revolution and is highly regarded in the field of management science. The revised fifth edition of SPREADSHEET MODELING AND DECISION ANALYSIS retains the elements and philosophy that has made its past editions so successful. New topics have been added as well as examples that are relevant to decision making in today's...

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Introduction to Fixed Income Analytics, 2nd Edition

Introduction to Fixed Income Analytics, 2nd Edition ebook download

Introduction to Fixed Income Analytics: Relative Value Analysis, Risk Measures and Valuation (Frank J. Fabozzi) A comprehensive introduction to the key concepts of fixed income analytics The First Edition of Introduction to Fixed Income Analytics skillfully covered the fundamentals of this discipline and was the first book to feature Bloomberg screens in examples and illustrations. Since publication over eight years ago, the markets have experienced cathartic change. That's why authors Frank...

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101 Design Ingredients to Solve Big Tech Problems

101 Design Ingredients to Solve Big Tech Problems ebook download

Tough technology and business challenges face you at every stage of a project. The one-page ingredients in 101 Design Ingredients show you how to solve problems using practical examples you can apply right away. Case studies explain how leading companies combined these ingredients into their own unique recipes to catapult their businesses, and how you can, too. One page, one ingredient. 101 reasons to become more successful at solving those big technology problems. 101 Design Ingredients will...

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Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data

Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data ebook download

Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data (Wiley and SAS Business Series)
Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data is geared towards CIOs, CEOs, presidents, and IT professionals. At a high level, the book makes a compelling business case for that which we are calling Big Data. Simon provides commonsense advice for organizations looking to make sense out of the information streaming at us with unprecedented volume, velocity, and variety. Think big.Table of ContentsChapter 1...

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Supply Chain Network Design

Supply Chain Network Design ebook download

Supply Chain Network Design: Applying Optimization and Analytics to the Global Supply Chain (FT Press Operations Management) Using strategic supply chain network design, companies can achieve dramatic savings from their supply chains. Now, experts at IBM and Northwestern University have brought together both the rigorous principles and the practical applications you need to master. You’ll learn how to use supply chain network design to select the right number, location, territory, and...

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Strategic Management: Concepts

Strategic Management: Concepts ebook download

Combining quality and user-friendliness with rigor and relevance, Frank T. Rothaermel synthesizes theory, empirical research, and practical applications in a breakthrough new text designed to prepare students for the types of challenges they will face as managers in the globalized and turbulent business environment of the 21st century. This new textbook, written with a single, strong voice, weaves together classic and cutting-edge theory with in-chapter cases and strategy highlights, to teach...

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Business Analysis For Dummies

Business Analysis For Dummies ebook download

Business Analysis For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)) Your go-to guide on business analysis Business analysis (BA) is a collection of activities to ensure that the right solutions are provided to the organization in order to achieve their strategic goals. To accomplish this people that perform business analysis must first determine what the real objective that needs to be addressed and analyzing and recommending alternatives for delivering a solution. Business Analysis For...

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Office Idiots: What to Do When Your Workplace is a Jerkplace

Office Idiots: What to Do When Your Workplace is a Jerkplace ebook download

"Once again, Ken Lloyd has written a book which is relevant, timely, and applicable. It will be of use to employees and managers, as well as organizational leaders. The book not only discusses specific and real workplace examples, but also provides useful action steps in a manner that everyone can relate and apply to their work environments."
--Charles P. Leo, PhD, adjunct professor, Graziadio School of Business & Management, Pepperdine University "One major threat to customer centricity,...

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Swarmwise: The Tactical Manual to Changing the World

Swarmwise: The Tactical Manual to Changing the World ebook download

In 2006, Rick Falkvinge decided to change the world for the better. He chose an unorthodox route and founded the very first Pirate Party. Less than ten years later, there are Pirate Parties in more than 70 different countries, and the pirate movement has become a political force to be reckoned with. Swarmwise is the story of how one man managed to create a global phenomenon for political change. It is also a tactical manual to how you can tap into the power of the swarm and channel its force...

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Communicating in Business

Communicating in Business ebook download

The number of ways organizational stakeholders communicate with each other is expanding rapidly as evidenced by the popularity of social network sites, blogging, and the never-ending introduction of mobile communication technologies. Robert G. Insley's Communicating in Business, set to be released this summer, gives the reader to tools to communicate effectively and efficiently in this ever-changing environment. Seamlessly fusing a book with accompanying website resources,Communicating in...

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Business, 12th Edition

Business, 12th Edition ebook download

Written by authors who have an extensive track record teaching the Introduction to Business course, the twelfth edition of this best-selling text features an up-to-date, comprehensive survey of the functional areas of business: management and organization, human resource management, marketing, information systems and accounting, and finance and investment. Core topics highlighted within these areas include ethics and social responsibility, small business concerns and entrepreneurship, and...

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Complexity Theory and Project Management

Complexity Theory and Project Management ebook download

An insightful view on how to use the power of complexity theory to manage projects more successfully Current management practices require adherence to rigid, global responses unsuitable for addressing the changing needs of most projects. Complexity Theory and Project Management shifts this paradigm to create opportunities for expanding the decision-making process in ways that promote flexibility—and increase effectiveness. It informs readers on the managerial challenges of juggling project...

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Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud

Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud ebook download

Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud: Transform Your Business Using Social Media, Mobile Internet, and Cloud Computing Fully exploit new conditions and opportunities created by current technological changes The combined impact of social technologies, the mobile Internet, and cloud computing are creating incredible new business opportunities. They are also destroying unprepared companies, transforming industries, and leaving behind workers who are unwilling or unable to adapt. Business...

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Business Essentials, 9th Edition

Business Essentials, 9th Edition ebook download

Business Essentials, 9th Edition focus on practical skills, knowledge of the basics, and important developments in business makes for a brief book, but a rich experience. The recent events in domestic and global economies are presenting unprecedented challenges, excitement, and disappointments for business–and a need for a change in the Introduction to Business course and text. This text captures the widespread significance of these developments and presents their implications on businesses...

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Business Law Today, Standard Edition, 9th Edition

Business Law Today, Standard Edition, 9th Edition ebook download

Interesting, clear, and applied, BUSINESS LAW TODAY: STANDARD EDITION is the ideal guide to the law and what it means in the business world--from contracts and secured transactions to warranties and government regulations. Easy to understand with an engaging writing style that is matched by vibrant visuals, BUSINESS LAW TODAY includes coverage of contemporary topics that impact not only the business world, but your life--from the economic crisis and its impact on business law to identity theft...

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Why We Fail

Why We Fail ebook download

Just as pilots and doctors improve by studying crash reports and postmortems, experience designers can improve by learning how customer experience failures cause products to fail in the marketplace. Rather than proselytizing a particular approach to design, Why We Fail holistically explores what teams actually built, why the products failed, and how we can learn from the past to avoid failure ourselves.Table of ContentsCHAPTER 1: Embrace Failure
CHAPTER 2: Get the Right...

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PMP Rapid Review

PMP Rapid Review ebook download

Assess your readiness for the updated PMP Exam—and quickly identify where you need to focus and practice. This practical, streamlined guide walks you through each exam task, providing "need to know" checklists, review questions, tips, and links to further study—all designed to help bolster your preparation. Reinforce your exam prep with a Rapid Review of these tasks:Initiating the projectPlanning the projectExecuting the projectMonitoring and controlling the projectClosing the projectThis book...

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