Practical Risk-Adjusted Performance Measurement

Practical Risk-Adjusted Performance Measurement ebook download

A practitioner's guide to ex-post performance measurement techniques Risk within asset management firms has an undeserved reputation for being an overly complex, mathematical subject. This book simplifies the subject and demonstrates with practical examples that risk is perfectly straightforward and not as complicated as it might seem. Unlike most books written on portfolio risk, which generally focus on ex-ante risk from an academic perspective using complicated language and no worked...

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Investing in the Renewable Power Market

Investing in the Renewable Power Market ebook download

The financial challenges facing clean energy installations The path to the widespread adoption of renewable energy is littered with major technological legal, political, and financial challenges. Investing in the Renewable Power Market is a reality check for the mass roll out of green energy and its financial dominance of the world energy market, focusing on real energy costs and global energy needs over the next decade. If green energy is to be truly successful, the market must be properly...

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Quantitative Risk Management, + Website

Quantitative Risk Management, + Website ebook download

State of the art risk management techniques and practices—supplemented with interactive analytics All too often risk management books focus on risk measurement details without taking a broader view. Quantitative Risk Management delivers a synthesis of common sense management together with the cutting-edge tools of modern theory. This book presents a road map for tactical and strategic decision making designed to control risk and capitalize on opportunities. Most provocatively it challenges the...

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The Handbook of Credit Risk Management

The Handbook of Credit Risk Management ebook download

A comprehensive guide to credit risk management  The Handbook of Credit Risk Management presents a comprehensive overview of the practice of credit risk management for a large institution. It is a guide for professionals and students wanting a deeper understanding of how to manage credit exposures. The Handbook provides a detailed roadmap for managing beyond the financial analysis of individual transactions and counterparties. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, the authors...

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Private Equity Operational Due Diligence, + Website

Private Equity Operational Due Diligence, + Website ebook download

A step-by-step guide to develop a flexible comprehensive operational due diligence program for private equity and real estate funds Addressing the unique aspects and challenges associated with performing operational due diligence review of both private equity and real estate asset classes, this essential guide provides readers with the tools to develop a flexible comprehensive operational due diligence program for private equity and real estate. It includes techniques for analyzing fund legal...

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Socially Responsible Finance and Investing

Socially Responsible Finance and Investing ebook download

A detailed look at the role of social responsibility in finance and investing The concept of socially responsible finance and investing continues to grow, especially in the wake of one of the most devastating financial crises in history. This includes responsibility from the corporate side (corporate social responsibility) as well as the investor side (socially responsible investing) of the capital markets. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Socially Responsible Finance and...

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Frontiers of Modern Asset Allocation

Frontiers of Modern Asset Allocation ebook download

Through a series of articles spanning over 15 years of research, Paul D. Kaplan, who developed the methodologies behind the Morningstar Rating™ and the Morningstar Style Box™ tackles the issues investors face when they attempt to put the concepts of asset allocation into practice, among them: * How should the asset classes be defined? Should equities be divided into asset classes based on investment style, geography, or other factors?
* Should asset classes be represented by...

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Bribery and Corruption: Navigating the Global Risks

Bribery and Corruption: Navigating the Global Risks ebook download

As businesses continue to expand globally into new and emerging markets, bribery and corruption risks have increased exponentially. Bribery and Corruption offers a comprehensive look at this growing problem, and at the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other international anti-bribery and corruption conventions. Presenting hypothetical examples of situations companies will face, along with practical solutions, the book offers detailed global guidance on a region and country-specific...

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Where Winners Live

Where Winners Live ebook download

Be accountable and achieve success Personal accountability is the secret weapon of every successful sales professional. It is the secret weapon of Where Winners Live co-author Dave Porter, who became the owner and CEO of Baystate Financial Services at age 35 and grew it into a $100 million-a-year business over the next 15 years. It is the secret weapon of Where Winners Live co-author Linda Galindo, who transformed herself from the self-proclaimed Queen of Victims into an entrepreneur, business...

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Transforming IT Culture

Transforming IT Culture ebook download

Practical, proven guidance for transforming the culture of any IT department As more and more jobs are outsourced, and the economy continues to struggle, people are looking for an alternative to the greed-driven, selfish leadership that has resulted in corporations where the workers are treated as interchangeable parts. This book shows how the human factors can be used to unlock higher returns on human capital such that workers are no longer interchangeable parts, but assets that are cared...

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Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers

Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers ebook download

Turn constant complainers into productive contributors Constant complainers take up resources, time, and mental bandwidth in the workplace. When you change a culture of complainers to one of contributors, you boost morale, increase productivity, and promote effective communication. In short, you get more done with less drama. In Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers, workplace communication expert Linda Swindling shares her expertise in negotiating tough situations in the workplace. Discover how...

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The Lean Entrepreneur

The Lean Entrepreneur ebook download

You are not a Visionary… yet. 
The Lean Entrepreneur shows you how to become one.

Most of us believe entrepreneurial visionaries are born, not made. Our media glorify business outliers like Bezos, Branson, Gates, and Jobs as heroes with X-ray vision who can look to the future, see clearly what will be, imagine a fully formed product or experience and then, simply make the vision real. Many in our entrepreneur community still believe that to be visionary, we must merely execute on...

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Leading with Conviction

Leading with Conviction ebook download

Practical advice and tools to help leaders at all levels elevate their skills What can truly set an organization apart? There is only one asset that offers guaranteed differentiation: leadership. Leadership is a deliberate act that requires effort but yields enormous payback. According to the renowned professor Shalom Saar and co-author Michael J. Hargrove, both internationally recognized leadership development consultants, executive coaches and speakers, leadership can be learned and improved...

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The Sharp Solution

The Sharp Solution ebook download

Train Your Brain to Energize Your Life In The Sharp Solution, Heidi Hanna introduces readers to a brain-based approach to realistic, sustainable energy management that supports a healthier brain, and as a result a healthier, happier body. By engaging our brain, we can strategically re-wire how we operate, creating more energy and improving productivity while simultaneously reducing stress. As a result, we become more focused and productive, flexible and resilient, and able to sustain higher...

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Trading Beyond the Matrix

Trading Beyond the Matrix ebook download

How to transform your trading results by transforming yourself In the unique arena of professional trading coaches and consultants, Van K. Tharp is an internationally recognized expert at helping others become the best traders they can be. In Trading Beyond the Matrix: The Red Pill for Traders and Investors, Tharp leads readers to dramatically improve their trading results and financial life by looking within. He takes the reader by the hand through the steps of self-transformation, from...

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CAIA Level I, 2nd Edition

CAIA Level I, 2nd Edition ebook download

The official study text for the Level I Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) exam The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation is the financial industry's first and only globally recognized program that prepares professionals to deal with the ever-growing field of alternative investments. The second edition of CAIA Level I: An Introduction to Core Topics in Alternative Investments contains comprehensive insights on the alternative investment issues a potential...

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Delivering Business Analytics

Delivering Business Analytics ebook download

AVOID THE MISTAKES THAT OTHERS MAKE – LEARN WHAT LEADS TO BEST PRACTICE AND KICKSTART SUCCESS This groundbreaking resource provides comprehensive coverage across all aspects of business analytics, presenting proven management guidelines to drive sustainable differentiation. Through a rich set of case studies, author Evan Stubbs reviews solutions and examples to over twenty common problems spanning managing analytics assets and information, leveraging technology, nurturing skills, and defining...

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International Libel and Privacy Handbook, 3rd Edition

International Libel and Privacy Handbook, 3rd Edition ebook download

An indispensable survival guide for anyone in the media industry and the lawyers who serve them Especially now, in an age of instant global access through digital media, it is vitally important that journalists, authors and publishers, as well as the lawyers who serve them, be fully up on the laws governing media, worldwide. The ultimate resource for all the media content providers and purveyors, this fully updated and expanded Third Edition of the critically-acclaimed handbook offers you...

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How to Be a Global Nonprofit

How to Be a Global Nonprofit ebook download

Solid guidance for the complex legal issues faced by international nonprofits When a nonprofit operates across borders, whether by making grants or directly operating programs, the interaction among legal requirements of two or more countries quickly becomes highly complex. How To Be A Global Nonprofit fills a need for legal and practical guidance for nonprofit organizations with international activities, and includes ten case studies to provide insights into the ways real organizations have...

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Tame the Primitive Brain

Tame the Primitive Brain ebook download

A new and simple system to understanding and controlling the behavior of others Noted body language, behavior and communication expert Mark Bowden offers a totally practical, easy-to-read guide to understanding the impulsive actions of others, along with the best tools to manage them. A number one anxiety in business is dealing with problem people. In Tame the Primitive Brain, Mark Bowden's fresh approach is the fastest and most effective way to understand why someone acts towards you the way...

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Wiley GAAP for Governments 2013, 8th Edition

Wiley GAAP for Governments 2013, 8th Edition ebook download

The most practical, authoritative guide to governmental GAAP Wiley GAAP for Governments 2013 is a comprehensive guide to the accounting and financial reporting principles used by state and local governments as well as other governmental entities. Designed with the needs of the user in mind, this comprehensive resource presents the important developments in governmental GAAP during the past year.Full coverage of authoritative accounting standardsExtremely useful and user-friendly examples,...

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Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner

Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner ebook download

Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner: Reduce Your Taxes and Fatten Your Profits  will help the small business owner increase profits while feeling more comfortable dealing with taxes. It begins by looking at the often overlooked critical decision small business owners face when they start a business: the choice of business entity. The book then examines all the deductions that a business owner can take legally to reduce taxes. It also provides advice business owners need to make good...

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Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom ebook download

If you're one of the millions of Americans who is buried in credit card debt, or maybe you're having trouble deciphering the fine print on your 401(K)—that is, if you even have a 401(K)!—don't dismay. You can start taking steps toward closing your financial illiteracy gap right away with the sound, practical personal finance advice offered up in Reuben Advani'sFinancial Freedom.Designed for young adult professionals but filled with crucial information that will financially empower readers of...

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How to Secure Your H-1B Visa

How to Secure Your H-1B Visa ebook download

The H-1B visa is the gateway for the world’s best and brightest to live and work in the United States as IT professionals, engineers, scientists, professors, doctors, nurses, and researchers. How to Secure Your H‑1B Visa guides employees and employers alike through the maze of H-1B laws, policies, and procedures. This road map lays out the whole H-1B process from petition to visa to status maintenance to visa extension and, ultimately, to permanent residence in the US for you and your family....

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Akka Concurrency

Akka Concurrency ebook download

Writing truly concurrent software on the Java Virtual Machine just got a whole lot easier. The Akka Toolkit takes the sting out of coding for multiple cores, multiple processors, and even multiple machines. Akka Concurrency will show you what it means to design and write software in the paradigm of Akka. You’ll learn how to think about your software in new and exciting ways that will allow you to express your designs naturally, allowing you to focus on the business of your software more...

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If You Can`t Fail, It Doesn`t Count

If You Can`t Fail, It Doesn`t Count ebook download

IT'S TIME TO MAKE YOUR IDEAS COUNT! They do, don't they? "If You Can't Fail, It Doesn't Count" explains why your ideas count more than ever right now and why you have the responsibility of taking chances. In "If You Can't Fail, It Doesn't Count" you will meet people who have failed until they didn't anymore; people like J.K. Rowling, Tony Hsieh, Mister Rogers, and Steve Jobs. "If You Can't Fail, It Doesn't Count" tells their inspirational stories and focuses on the success principles of their...

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The Elements of Investing

The Elements of Investing ebook download

A timeless, easy-to-read guide on life-long investment principles that can help any investor succeed The Elements of Investing has a single-minded goal: to teach the principles of investing in the same pared-to-bone manner that Professor William Strunk Jr. once taught composition to students at Harvard, using his classic little book, The Elements of Style. With great daring, Ellis and Malkiel imagined their own Little Red Schoolhouse course in investing for every investor around the world-and...

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Principles of Supply Chain Management, 3rd edition

Principles of Supply Chain Management, 3rd edition ebook download

Develop a solid understanding of purchasing, operations, logistics, and integration with the strong supply chain management focus found in Wisner/Tan/Leong's PRINCIPLES OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: A BALANCED APPROACH, 3E. This unique edition presents extensive content not covered in other books. An expansive approach guides readers through the management stages of each supply chain activity while addressing real-world concerns related to the global supply chain. Readers follow the natural flow...

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The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Selling with Social Media

The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Selling with Social Media ebook download

This book demonstrates to sellers that social media is the ideal focus and PayPal is the best tool to grow profits in today's online marketplace. Key social media sales strategies, tactics, action plans, and real-world success stories for all kinds of sellers are presented, making it easier for sellers to choose the right solutions with PayPal. This book shows sellers how they can deploy PayPal payment tools, products, and services through their presence on social media. Sellers will see how to...

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inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity

inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity ebook download

Imaginative. Innovative. Ingenious. These words describe the visionaries we all respect and admire. And they can describe you, too. Contrary to common belief, creativity is not a gift some of us are born with. It is a skill that all of us can learn. International bestselling author and award-winning Stanford University educator Tina Seelig has worked with some of the business world’s best and brightest, who are now among the decision-makers at companies such as Google, Genentech, IBM, and...

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Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple`s Success

Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple`s Success ebook download

To Steve Jobs, Simplicity was a religion. It was also a weapon. Simplicity isn’t just a design principle at Apple—it’s a value that permeates every level of the organization. The obsession with Simplicity is what separates Apple from other technology companies. It’s what helped Apple recover from near death in 1997 to become the most valuable company on Earth in 2011. Thanks to Steve Jobs’s uncompromising ways, you can see Simplicity in everything Apple does: the way...

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Social Media in the Public Sector

Social Media in the Public Sector ebook download

Grounded in solid research, Social Media in the Public Sector explores the myriad uses of social media in the public sector and combines existing practices with theories of public administration, networked governance, and information management. Comprehensive in scope, the book includes best practices, the strategic, managerial, administrative, and procedural aspects of using social media, and explains the theoretical dimensions of how social behavior affects the adoption of social media...

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The Risk Takers

The Risk Takers ebook download

The Risk Takers is about the personal and professional journeys of sixteen remarkable men and women who built hugely successful, multimillion dollar companies. These were ordinary people, all with a good idea, who faced daunting challenges but took the leap of faith to start their own business. Don and Renee Martin personally interviewed these men and women whose stories demonstrate that it has never been easy to start your own business and steer it to ultimate success--in any economy, in any...

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Energy Management in Business

Energy Management in Business ebook download

The business benefits of lower energy consumption are clear: lower energy costs, energy tax avoidance, selling excess CO2 credits, immediately adding savings to the bottom line and improved competitiveness. However, with a need to focus on day to day business management activities, implementing energy reduction programmes stretches the capabilities and know-how of responsible managers. Kit Oung's Energy Management in Business is written on the basis of 'energy reduction'. It covers four...

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Be a Free Range Human

Be a Free Range Human ebook download

For Marianne Cantwell, Free Range Humans are "a growing tribe, easily spotted by the smiles on their faces on Monday mornings." They are people that have figured out what they want to do with their lives and they are doing it, right now. They choose when, where and how they work, and get paid to do what makes them come alive. They have decided to live their life every day, not just weekends.Lighthearted in style but serious in intention, this is a practical guide to creating a life of...

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Big Data

Big Data ebook download

A revelatory exploration of the hottest trend in technology and the dramatic impact it will have on the economy, science, and society at large.Which paint color is most likely to tell you that a used car is in good shape? How can officials identify the most dangerous New York City manholes before they explode? And how did Google searches predict the spread of the H1N1 flu outbreak?The key to answering these questions, and many more, is big data. “Big data” refers to our burgeoning...

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Big Data Now, 2nd Edition

Big Data Now, 2nd Edition ebook download

Big Data Now: 2012 Edition The Big Data Now anthology is relevant to anyone who creates, collects or relies upon data. It's not just a technical book or just a business guide. Data is ubiquitous and it doesn't pay much attention to borders, so we've calibrated our coverage to follow it wherever it goes. In the first edition of Big Data Now, the O'Reilly team tracked the birth and early development of data tools and data science. Now, with this second edition, we're seeing what happens when big...

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Photography Business Secrets

Photography Business Secrets ebook download

Photography Business Secrets: The Savvy Photographer's Guide to Sales, Marketing, and More Give your photography business an edge with these professional insights There are already more than 150,000 professional photographers in the U.S., according to Department of Labor statistics, and thousands of serious amateurs are continually seeking to become established. Whether yours is a new or long-standing photography business, you have plenty of competition. Lara White has collected the best advice...

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Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success

Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success ebook download

Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success (IIL/Wiley Series in Business Analysis) The definitive guide on the roles and responsibilities of the business analyst Business Analysis offers a complete description of the process of business analysis in solving business problems. Filled with tips, tricks, techniques, and guerilla tactics to help execute the process in the face of sometimes overwhelming political or social obstacles, this guide is also filled with real world stories from the...

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Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy

Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy ebook download

In this groundbreaking book Phil Barden reveals what decision science explains about people’s purchase behaviour, and specifically demonstrates its value to marketing. He shares the latest research on the motivations behind consumers’ choices and what happens in the human brain as buyers make their decisions. He deciphers the ‘secret codes’ of products, services and brands to explain why people buy them. And finally he shows how to apply this knowledge in day to day...

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